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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Imnatty7, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Hey guys I finally decided to do an account and take my addiction seriously I can't stand it anymore
    its been more than a year of me trying to do nofap but I never done more than 6 days

    One of the primary reason of me wanting to stop watching porn is my break up, yesterday I broke up with my first gf and basically I knew her for a good 2 years, I was friend with her but then I went NC on her, started lifting and respecting myself and she really missed me long story short she was all over me at first but then I got clingy and she became the center of my life and I became a beta male.

    even tho porn isn't the reason of the break up, my life is boring and it made me miss her so much cause I didn't do anything in life cause of me fapping 2 times a day and im fcking done with this lol, im angry for it now I want hobbys, make friends, have a life again beside going to the gym and in class (im very popular but don't have real friends)
    I don't do anything of my weekends except the gym or being on the computer all day

    hobbies are going to the gym thats it lol

    to finish im pretty confident already cause of lifting and just having an extroverted personnality but the break up just made me think of all the thing I could do and become if I really did all my goals at 100%, really hope nofap will change me for the better
  2. Hello and welcome to NoFap!

    It's good you're angry at this addiction. Channel it. Use it to fuel determination for this streak and great rewards will come.

    Consider creating a journal so others can track and support your progress. Build support by supporting others!

    Journal forum here:

    Try applying the following strategy. Post what you're feeling and thinking about whenever you feel an urge. Remind yourself why you wanted to fight this in the first place and hold it close. Good luck!
  3. Imnatty7

    Imnatty7 Fapstronaut

    thx dude appreciate the support
  4. Hey @Imnatty7 ,

    I'm just a normal ordinary member. No moderator super powers and no special insite. I share my ESH (Experience, Strength and Hope) of what works for me.

    Just another warm welcome and a heart felt hello. This community has helped me so much.

    What worked for me was "working" it. It took hard work for me to complete a hard reboot (No pmo) for 120 days, then move into a Sex Positive mode.

    First, reading the literature published by NoFap itself along with reading journals.

    Then, doing the work. Writing in my journal and replying to introductions and other's journals.

    Finally, but not least, getting involved with the fellowship. I found it on the forums, but also in people's profiles. The forums tend to be longer posts, where the profiles tend to be more "conversational".

    That is what has worked for me. I like to remind myself that this community was here waiting for me with the lights on when I arrived. Now, I have to do my best to be there when someone comes to the community.

    - L

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