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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by BetaToAlpha, Feb 26, 2017.

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    I thought that was a Latin thing from ancient Rome. Also, on a more relevant note, I think it's time to hop out of this thread, before things turn bad.
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  2. Well that makes sense. You are now projecting your issues as antagonism against males.
    Same thing I did with females for different reasons like getting bullied by girls in HS and lately not getting any female attention, leading to self-hatred. I was so angry that my mind skewed anything a female professor would say as being opressive and misandrist (womansplaining).
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    Touche. I should have specified. Get to know women in the romantic sense. Still not with the purpose of getting sex, but yeah, I don't pay for other guy's drinks.
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  5. @Icyweb, the thing is I have trouble showing my affection and also don't know how to tell her I want romance rather than just being platonic friends. I always feel scared I'll come off as a creep if I say it bluntly. Or maybe showing affection would be enough, I mean most guys that are not romantically interested in a female wouldn't go out of their way to show affection and do little things like ambiguously romantic presents.
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    Ok.. m_brando, (I got this one)....

    So never in the history of 'Calming down', did anyone 'calm down', by being told 'calm down'.

    When you tell someone that they are being too sensitive, you mean it to be a perspective that they should try to adjust their expectation, but it just comes across as 'stop feeling, you're not allowed to be that way'. I comes off controlling, and demeaning. Which just proves the point she was already making that women are often put in a subjective position, even by passive comments.

    Given that we are on a forum about making better life choices to connect with our feelings and our bodies, it seems that it would be harsh to discourage anyone by saying 'ignore your feelings'.
  7. That's not any different than telling a guy to "man up", so it's not a gender issue really. So by your logic telling a guy to man up is also putting him in a subjective position.

    I agree on the part of the feelings though. Telling people to suck it up doesn't help, but a person in this situation apparently needs a catarsis of some sorts.

    Again, your link is full of bs:
    "Liberal feminism focuses on advancing women’s positions in existing institutions and believes that what women want out of life is what men want and have already secured for themselves."
    Sorry, but last time I checked I'm a college graduate without a job. What have I secured for myself? Or anyone secured for me? Most uni students in general are female these days.

    Ok, time to let go and let people like you wallow in their hatred for the other gender no matter what, I was one of you but I want out. I don't want to hate perfectly fine women in real life due to some angry womyn on the Internet. Online (semi) anonymity causes toxic culture of hatred. Tell you the truth, the days when I used the Web only for my job and never at home were the happiest.
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    Yeah, it's not going to rile me up more, I know "cheer up and suck a dick, little woman" is the standard response to something intelligent that men comfortable with the status quo have been saying since women wanted the vote. Nicely stated and thanks for the solidarity.

    I made a separate post about the attitudes here but tbh, this thread is an example is how you effectively silence the minority in a public forum~ Harderthansatan has been trained well.

    Lots of reasons to hate porn, don't understand why hookers are different to some of the guys here other than it's way more expensive to fap into one than to fap with a computer, and was trying to educate.

    If I changed one mind today, I did my job. For the others, as Winona Ryder said in Heathers, "You don't deserve my speech."
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  9. You're not special just because you have a vagina. You're not more important than a male (and not less important either). Why aren't you gender blind if you're a feminist?

    Most people like you are white and Western, ergo very privilleged compared to someone black from the ghettos or even a white one from suburban Eastern Europe that gets a salary of 250 Euro a month (my last job payed that and it was in an office, not some manual job). 250 Euro = 264.60 $.
  10. I don't think it's unwise to tell someone to stop being so sensitive when it is clear it skews their judgement. My comment about 'my pussy my rules' was obviously intended as a joke... even had 'haha' after it. Instead I get a 27 page lecture about how it's unhealthy what I typed... blah blah.

    So advising someone to be less sensitive and therefore not instigate an argument (winding themselves up in the process) for no reason seems good advice to me! :D:D
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  11. Sorry I didn't read your long post. I was busy living in the real world.

    You started this.
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  12. I bet women at Jezzebel waste 264 $ in a single week or less. That was my monthly salary (don't ask how creative you have to be with that salary to pay all the bills and even get some food). That's why many of us there live with our parents, out of necessity. But hurr durr I'm more privilleged than them as I'm a cis white male. :p No one offered me to become a manager just because of my gender. And most managers have worked hard beforehand to get up there, yep, even male ones. BTW, this thread was not about politics. Prostitutes in the Netherlands even have a union and it's legal here. The one I hooked up with was from a website, so they're treated better than those in the red light district for sure. And some even work privately, which in other countries is dangerous. Men are also slaves to capitalism. Sure, becoming a parent won't ruin my career like it would do to a female, but I'm expected to show no feelings, to still earn more than my wife and even now I'm lectured how to sit and pee hahaha. Would you like to be lectured how to give childbirth or put a tampon by a guy? Or if he tells you you shouldn't scream when scared like many women do as that is triggering and stressful? Or that watching romantic comedies is somewhat like porn as it creates unrealistic views about love? Things like these are why feminism is turning into a joke by the minute. I guess you'd like it to divide continents into male- and female-only and have neutral zones just for mating?
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    You need a woman to make you feel like a man, to make you feel whole. If you have to "pay" for it so what?? You think gfs are paid for? NO man can get a gf without spending money. At least with an escort you don't have to impress her or try to be something you're not, which despite what some men say, most if not all men do. Don't believe any loser on here that tells you otherwise. GO get it.
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    So I've come here a bit late but here's my piece anyway.


    Having physical contact, sex or whatever with a woman is not the pinnacle of life for a man.
    Ultimately this is your choice and it's very likely that your inner motivation for this will make you do it.
    But don't blind yourself is all I will say. You can get lost in some kind of fake world with escorts, it will be like your struggle with porn just it will have a 10x greater hold on you.
    It will mess you up dude.
    You can start off just going for the contact and then the sex or whatever but it will become a new addiction.
    You will probably go back again, you will see the same girls or one girl many times.
    You will developed a false sense of a relationship. It will consume you dude.

    Is all that money and mental fuckery over time gonna be worth it?

    Will you look back at those weeks months or years with joy or regret?

    Have a think dude.
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    Don't worry about that. You mentioned earlier you didn't do anything without asking her first... For future reference, if you're with a normal girl, don't ask - just do. If she's uncomfortable with it, she's let you know, otherwise you are probably going to turn her off (since most women like being dominated to some degree - and asking for permission is doing the opposite).
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    Go to clubs with friends and meet girls there
    or meet girls during the daytime.
    Your photos probably are shit, take more professional ones, going for scorts are for loser and you will endup miserable and with aids. Cheers
  17. Well NoFap forumers said I'm 8 on the 10 point scale, so my photos are nice. :p
    The main reason I will probably not repeat is that it was too rushed. Now I know that I prefer lots of fore and after play, cuddling, fondling, hugging etc. I didn't like how she insisted we undress so fast. Yes, I'm a romantic kinda guy. prefer some making out and rubbing in clothes.That's why I hope my next time will be with a girlfriend. Still a hundred times better than PMO though. At least I know I've been in a V so now I will not worship and fear their owners.
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    For example I don't go to clubs nor do I plan to since I don't like loud music and crowded places. To those saying go to a library or something. What the hell is wrong with you? People go there to borrow books or read them, not to get flirted by. If you can do it moderately escorts/prostitutes are cheaper than girlfriends. Some men simply don't attract females and there is nothing they can do about it. If you earn enough money try escorts.
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  19. Yes I don't like loud music either. I'm also more of a morning person so staying up late is good only once a week at most. I don't think things like language courses work as in my experience people there are only interested in learning. Maybe dance lessons but why fake liking dancing just to get a woman? I'd rather be true to myself. Work is my place for meeting new people really.
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    Nice job, lmao @ females wanting you to be a virgin forever. It seems like it was definitely a worthwhile experience, that 'women don't seem like that weird creatures I have no access to' sums it up pretty much, knowing you have access to them now will do a lot to your confidence. Inspired me to see one when I get my own apartment.
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