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    Guys I am glad to tell you that my nofap journey is now beyond 90 days, I was waiting for it since past 5 years, and after a long time I have now succeed ,but there are some questions in my brain -- please answer them --
    1) should I continue with nofap Now?
    2) if by mistake I relapse, will I lose my all benefits at once?
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  2. 1) Up to you. My freedom from porn is hard won. I’m not interested in going back.

    2) Only one way to know for sure. Probably best to leave that stone unturned. If you do, be sure to come back and let us know how it went.
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    Congratulations! You should feel proud of what you've accomplished.

    This is not the final stage in your recovery though (just the hardest). A reboot is meant to clear the neurons in your brain's sexual reward centers from porn, which you have mostly done in the past 90 days. However, there's still an empty space in your brain that will be searching for stimulation and wiring to whatever it experiences. A vast majority of guys who quit porn slip up and watch eventually, and if you haven't rewired with anything else, you will be going back to square 1.

    The solution? Rewire your sexual reward centers to positive sexual activities.

    You have to train your brain to find normal sexual activities exciting and pleasurable. You should start off by socializing and flirting with whomever you're attracted to. You should be dating, and if they like you then you'll get some emotional and physical intimacy. Lastly, having sex and feeling pleasure with real women gears your brain towards them and away from porn, making your recovery stronger and more enduring.

    Having sex frequently when not rebooting causes urges for porn to drastically reduce in frequency and severity. Additionally, the more you rewire to women and create neural pathways for them in your sexual reward center, the less room there is for porn to get back into your mind if you ever slip up, making your recovery always trend in the positive direction.

    While you have accomplished a noteworthy feat, your recovery has only begun. Start building a healthy sexual lifestyle for yourself, and make it harder for porn to ever take root again.

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