Finally, I'm seeing positive signs of myself curing.

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    For once I thought "I'm dead and of no use" when I faced Ed for the first time in my life so far but I was completely wrong, and here is my story, I won't say success storie but I'm still in healing period. This all started few months back when woke up with loose morning wood and didn't pay much attention but the same day when I tried to move my member I felt no sensation down there even if I continued stimulating with my hands it just didn't stand up or get hard as it used to....
    I was completely scared because I was addicted to PMO for more than 10 years and I never realized even for once that it could harm me in that way. I felt like I broke my penis because of excessive masturbation.
    And the worst thing I did was continued fapping with really loose erections because I was "addicted" in a way that I want to fap anyhow. I was completely depressed and had lost all hope of recovery because I wasn't able to get hard even while watching porn, even images but nothing helped. Then after few weeks I came across this NOFAP FORUM and was completely surprised that there are people like me who had been in my shoes and some of them are still struggling. This give me some kind of comfort and hope. Also not just that but I found new words related to Sex haha that's the other thing but the best thing in my knowledge so far has been "hard mode". NO, I failed to keep my streak for 90 days but I'll let you all know as we move forward with my story.

    I came across a post here on this forum that it's all about Porn Induced and that this type of Ed is more psychological than physiological. I thought he was just saying whatever he thought was right to him but then I realized by myself that yes "I need hard stimulation(hardcore porn) and push myself hard to fantasize to get hard erections"

    Well, days passed away and I kept on reading success stories but deep down my heart I was depressed about this situation i was facing so I decided to go to the urologist and he examined my penis and scrotum and asked me to get an ultrasound of these two. I did as asked and it was found that I had grade 1 varicocele, still I have.

    Here comes the second part of my story- I thought "ohhh so now I know why my erection quality decreasing" and I asked him if this erection problem is related to the varicocele to which he replied "it is grade 1 no need to worry about it, will go away by its own" also he asked me to wear scrotal support and for my ed problem he prescribed me some pills which later I came to know was "Ed pills" I returned home with a happy face because "yeeeii I have pills now" and it WORKED! for the first time in two weeks I got hard morning wood. And I was completely shocked by that because I felt like I got my life back but I was wrong and as soon as I stopped using the pill I got back to the same point. So... the last option I was left with was try "NOFAP" and gave it a try I had made up my mind to do for 90 days but wasn't able to last even 30 , yes I know sad but I tried my best. My longest streak was of 21 days and during that period i came to know about "Pelvic floor muscles" and it could have an impact on male sexual dysfunction I searched for it and found that due to excessive masturbation I caused hypertension in my pelvic muscles because there was symptoms I faced like urgency, dribbling after the pee and low urine flow. While I was on my 21 days streak I tried relaxing my pelvic floor muscles and hips, the best exercise I found was "hip openers" which have helped me a lot.
    As I have varicocele, I felt my testes hanging lower than normal and scrotum as well. I personally think varicocele is linked with porn and excessive masturbation.
    So, even after trying nofap for 21 days I did see some improvements as my confidence level boosted as my body had now started producing more testosterone, rather I would say "brain rebooting" but nothing with erections and I thought it's all fake and dumb to keep trying as I neglected the positive side of nofap. I forgot that it takes time to heal.
    I stopped and after 2 days I got morning wood not really hard but a good one and I was like "okay I got it back let's fap again" and I fapped which led to more tension in my pelvic region as I was healing I didn't notice that and again I came back to "no erections at all".

    Now, after 5 days on nofap I'm getting good erections not as hard as I used to but worth it! I think those 21 days played a vital role in healing myself because yes I member needs rest which I'm not giving it.
    Even I'm late but I understood that *excess of anything leads to destruction*

    So guys out there who are facing this Ed issue just let me tell you that this NOFAP thing actually works.

    A piece of advice: 1-STOP EVERY SEX RELATED STUFF!! if you're on nofap. You'll see the results at the end.

    2- Once you know you have tensed pelvic muscles just DON'T FAP, it will make it worse.

    3- Meditate

    4- Exercise

    5- keep the blood flowing

    6- Eat good and healthy

    7- last but not least- DRINK WATER!!!

    for some there could be a blood flow issue as I had so just move your muscles, go for a walk for at least 20-30 minutes.

    This is the problem which you have to solve by yourself, no doctor would tell you that "stop fapping" but you have to understand by yourself that there's a life other than just sitting and browsing porn.

    Sorry for the last statement but that's the truth we all should believe in nofap.

    Thanks for being here with me all this time.

    I would like to thank all of you who have been really supportive throughout this journey...

    Remember, I'm not cured yet I'm still healing and will keep you guys posted.
    Take care, stay healthy.
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    What an inspirational story. I hope you can reach your goal and keep on it, no one is perfect, and stay calm, stay strong.
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    Sure bro, thanks for giving it a read
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    Any improvement?

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