Finally made it to 90 days!

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm happy to report that i've finally managed to stay sober for 90 days today after many, many, many attempts!
    So, how did i do it?

    I didn't. The 12 steps program did. This addiction has lasted for about a decade as far as i can remember. I realized in these 3 months that i needed something more than just sobriety. I needed to heal, recover. This program is restoring my sanity one day at a time. It's crazy, some members there are 10, 20 hell even 30 years sober!!

    I managed to form some healthy habits during this time;

    -> Joined gym, gained some weight proportional to my height, improved strength!
    -> Gave up gaming completely, realizing it was serving as a substitute addiction
    -> Attempting to start Japa meditation again!
    -> Reading everyday; recovery literature, blogs on my field of work,..
    -> Trying to be more social with friends, family
    -> Making music more regularly now...

    I'm grateful for the constant emotional support i got from this forum. Hope you guys can take something from this and apply in your own lives. And also share some of your experiences as well. Would like to read and learn more from it myself! :)

    I'm taking a short hiatus from social media for a couple of weeks after diwali festival.
    I will, however be back to share my experiences again!

    Thank you all for reading my post.
    Stay sober gentlemen!
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  2. You_ll_succed_for_sure

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    Congrats. We will see you here at your 200 days.
  3. vxlccm

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    My Journal
    Thanks for the post. Always good to hear about successes!

    Did your 12 steps include acknowledgement of a higher power?
  4. Omar.M.A

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    what is 12 steps program?
  5. Yes. I'm currently on step 1 with my sponsor. I consider myself a spiritually inclined person. Upon honest introspection, realized that i was only committed half way. It's true what they say, 'half measures availed us nothing'.
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  6. This concept of 12 steps is taken from Alcoholics Anonymous. A program laid down for addicts to recover from a type of addiction, say in this case, PMO and get sober both emotionally and physically. Only qualification to join them is a genuine desire to stop lusting in any form.
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  7. Sergiosanz995

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    !! Congratulations!! Now to continue with the challenge, do not let it fall to you. Fight and be a man!
  8. Viijay

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    Congratulations Bhai for completing 90 days:) gajab
  9. Thanks bhai. Hope you are working the program. It really works man! Don't dwell too much on your recent relapse. Move forward, attend more phone meetings, be in regular contact with your sponsor. And reach out more often to people when you're hit by lust in form of fantasies, images/euphoric recall of past videos seen or real person.
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