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Finally reached 90 days (again)!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by scote73, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. scote73

    scote73 Fapstronaut

    This has been my most successful attempt, by far, since I went 96 days back in 2014. It's taken me 2 and a half years to reach this point again, and hitting 90 days again feels great!

    I can honestly say, though, that my main source of motivation has been my girlfriend. The minute we started dating, I knew the porn watching had to stop right then and there, or else. This was a girl I had my eye on for months, and I didn't want to ruin it...and I still very much don't want to ruin it. Every time an urge came I would think of her, and what I'd be doing to her. Even if it's outside of her knowledge...it doesn't matter.

    Being a good man means treating others with respect not only when their around, but also when they're *not* around. That is a sign of a man with integrity, and I'm working towards becoming that kind of man.

    Therefore, any kind of porn viewing while in this relationship goes against what I believe in, though I'll admit, my mind still tries to convince me from time to time. I guess I still have much longer to go, but I've laid the foundation and I feel confident moving forward.

    Benefits have been mostly physical - my sensitivity had increased about ten-fold. I get hard just *talking* to my GF. I get hard being near her. I get hard *looking* at her. These are things that wouldn't have happened if I was still watching porn. In fact, the first 2-3 weeks of our relationship (and of these 90 days) were a grind for me physically. I wasn't feeling much of anything when I was with her, but now that has drastically changed.

    A couple of other benefits are that I've drastically cut back on fast food and soda, and I've been going to the gym much more regularly. Being with my GF has reminded me of the man I want to be, and I'm working slowly but very surely on becoming that man.
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  2. pranav02

    pranav02 Fapstronaut

    I feel so glad you're getting what you wanted. Gratz!
  3. Smartboyj

    Smartboyj Fapstronaut


    Man , thank you for sharing that!!! It’s something I really needed to hear right now…

    Everything you currently have , is why I am fighting P and what I want after the fight is won..

    You have fought this for 90 days man so I think you are already that man you want to be..

    Best of luck and I wish you nothing but happiness with your GF…
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  4. JakeWoods

    JakeWoods Fapstronaut

    This is good stuff.
  5. SkyFallBack

    SkyFallBack Fapstronaut

    Man you are so lucky to have a girl by your side! Keep on going!
  6. Noland

    Noland Fapstronaut

    That is so great dude!

    But Here's the Bad News

    If you and her were to break up, I have strong suspicions that you'd relapse and I'm sure you've realized that by now. I just had to point it out. I don't wanna be that bitter old man who is always negative, but I want to make sure you are aware.

    Contemplate that fact and come up with answers.

    Best of luck :)
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  7. scote73

    scote73 Fapstronaut

    Firstly, thanks to all who responded. Encouragement is something I never take lightly :)

    Noland, that is a very wise point, and you are right, it is indeed something that I've thought about. To be truely honest with myself, if she were to break up with me right this minute, I would be emotionally devastated and it would be difficult to keep going. I definitely wouldn't recommend the 'get a girlfriend' approach to NoFap.

    Right now, things are great between us. There are absolutely no signs that she is planning on doing this. However, I'm aware that life can be unpredictable, and just because things are great right now doesn't mean that there won't be trials to overcome in the future. Right now, I'm searching for my life purpose, and am getting closer to figuring it out. She is also trying to help me in that area as well.

    Hopefully, god forbid if she ever does break up, either porn will have been a distant memory or I will be so engrossed in what I'm becoming that I will have no room left for porn. Like I said, I need much longer than 90 days to recover, but it's great knowing that I've laid the foundation for success.

    Thanks for pointing that out!
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  8. victomina

    victomina New Fapstronaut

    oh my... i just wanna say THANK YOU so far for all thhis sharing and good feelings. I wish to you all happyness and enjoyment for you life. For such struggle like this i also imagine my life with my family and support, i haven't told yet, but it's working sharing and be with guys like you. Thank you , take cere.
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  9. Bran Cao

    Bran Cao Fapstronaut

    Your achievement is really good. Feel happy to see how you overcame those obstacles and enjoy your life now. Congrats!
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  10. Keep going man ! 90 days is only beginning. 500+ days are waiting for you.
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  11. LoyalKnight

    LoyalKnight Fapstronaut

    Thank you man, it inspires me to see successful people like you!

    But there is a fault in your thinking: You should NEVER EVER consider getting back to PMO, never again. I'm sure if you PMO even once your GF will notice, and things will go worse. NEVER EVER PMO AGAIN! Soon you reach the three-digits-area, and just seeing that counter should be a MASSIVE inspiration for you.

    Keep it up man, be an bright example to us!
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  12. Hermin

    Hermin Fapstronaut

    First congrats on 90+ days!
    I can't wait to hit that 90 days counter. Hal way there. Some of us are fortunate to have a wife or girlfriend. It's much easier to be PM free that way. As a member of this forum I see a pattern. Some people are determined, cured within few weeks after getting onboard and others are constantly relapsing & fighting this big ugly PMO enemy.
    I just picture how idiotic it looks when you masturbate behind a computer. That's it. Instead od this terrible enemy it is just avoiding looking like a retard for me. A game muvh easier to win.
  13. wow we are in the same shoes, well I am 90 days behind you, now I am gonna go for 90 days. I went 90 days about 3 years ago, slipped back into looking at p pictures, so now 90 days hard mode .
  14. seba5116

    seba5116 Fapstronaut

    congrats and nice one mate :)
  15. seba5116

    seba5116 Fapstronaut

    Have you noticed significantly more muscle mass? There should be something about nofap and muscle mass because of the increased testosterone.

    I had 120 days streak in 2015, but at that point i didn't workout
  16. Nuth

    Nuth Fapstronaut

    Man thanks for sharing this. 5 minutes ago I was feeling kind of lonely and was like "well, let's cheack out some winning storys to cheer up". Your's are more then just that. As far as I could tell, your not just hit the 90+ mark, but also imbued yourself with a greater reason not to pmo as a result of your relashionsip, and not the inverse.

    Altought at first, when I saw Noland response, I was like "wtf man don't kill the moment", if that's the place for true feed back, he's right in doing it so. Isn't commun that relashionship last for life, but also isn't wise to just think about plan Bs too. Hope that if or when it comes you figure it out about not pmoing again.

    Dude I honestly think you might be too harsh on this matters. Everyone has flaws and being able to reconize and change them it's already something big. As Noland pointed out, having someone can be a double edged sword. Also, pmo addiction has nothing to do with sex. There are alot of guys that claim that are attractive, have relashionships, payed sex, hookups... and still feel the craving to pmo. Nevertheless we all have our trips and I hope you find what you are looking for. o/
  17. Muscle mass increases cause you dont jerk out protein, vitamins, minerals and testesterone thats in semen. So basically all that can now go to muscles while doing nofap. Also there are brain fluid in sperm so one can get smarter too while on nofap.
  18. Just noticed this thread and I am very, very happy for you. :) You are about to progress to 100 days, which for me was always even more special than the 90 day milestone. It is good to hear you are working hard on all aspects of your self.
  19. seba5116

    seba5116 Fapstronaut

    This is very exciting to know man. thanks :D

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