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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Moxie, May 22, 2015.

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    I played guitar in high school in a school band, and I used to know some classical songs, and classic rock tabs, but I quit practicing for many years. I hear practicing an instrument and learning a foreign language are two of the greatest ways to strengthen the frontal cortex of the brain. Learning tabs feels like solving a puzzle. I'm not the best or most natural speaker or conversationalist, and I prefer to express myself with an instrument. I've just ordered a high end condenser microphone so I can record covers and hear my voice sound better than usual. I'm going to learn to play Operator by Jim Croce. How else does practicing an instrument help someone recovering from a heavy addiction?
  2. Man I love playing my guitar. One of the emotional issues that I used PMO to fill was simply being a part of, and enjoying, beauty. I mean real beauty not "hotness". So at it's best playing guitar (with headphones on and the reverb jacked up) allows me to do that.

    There is the mental discipline aspect which applies to anyone playing an instrument unless they have oodles of talent, which I do not, which helps.

    Then there is just enjoying my sharper, more sensitive, PMO-free mind. In particular I have way more creative stamina when I am PMO free.

    And basically tied in with the above 3: you get to transmute some of the energy that you would have burned on PMO into something that will make you feel better.

    Good luck with this brother!
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    i started playing e-guitar one year ago. meanwhile i can play some easy songs. in my opinion there is no better meditation as practising with the guitar.
    and it is nice to see the progress. it is slow but i can feel it. i am getting slowly a connection to the guitar and to the sound. i have a guitar teacher - the guy is really good and he is helping me enormous.

    i will channel all the sexual energy into the guitar - that is my goal. i hope one day i can play rocksongs (with a band of course) in small and stinky bars.
    joining into a band would be so great. but there is still a way to go - i am not ready at the moment.
    damn i must practise more! ;)
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  4. I'm a piano/keyboard player. But a lot of the music I listen to features keyboards played in the style of guitar (shredding, sweeps, arppegiated leads). I think with all the electronic/synthesizer stuff out there these days the ART of playing an instrument is being lost. That being said, guitar (especially electric guitar) is still a cool instrument to play. Women go NUTS for a guitar player!
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    this is a nice side effect. :)
    doing your hobby, having fun in a group (social effect), maybe visiting different cities with the rockband, maybe earning some money (and btw impressing girls/women).
    my first guitar teacher (a classical guitar pro - i visited many of his appearances in bars) was a damn chick magnet - due to the guitar! girls chased him! :eek:
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    I started learning to play drums from when i was in 6th or 7th grade. So thats like 7-8 years now.
    I went for singing classes (Indian-Carnatic) for like 6-7 years.
    Almost 4 years back, i started playing the guitar for fun (i was in a hard-rock/metal band in high school. I used to just take my guitarist's electric and try and play random stuff.)
    Fast forward to now, i love playing guitar.
    Im in a metal band now, and im the vocalist and rhythm guitarist.

    I just dont get time to practice everything -drums, vocals and guitar.

    So for now, i just practice guitar. And my drum stuff comes out when i jam with my band (if my drummer doesnt get a certain rhythm pattern, i sit there and try and play it and show it to him).

    Music has a very calming effect on me and i love playing it.
    It puts me in a meditative mood, just like one of you has mentioned here.

    Glad to meet all you guys who play instruments too :)
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