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    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    Like numerous others, I too had a story-cum-experience to share with this wonderful community over here on this website.
    I started fapping when I was 16 years old, this went at rampant mode till 2017, mid of 2017 was great for me, I came to know about the ills of fapping and its correlation with mental fogginess, chronic exhaustion, anxiety problems and numerous others. So, I made my mind to give a try in hard mode. I failed a couple of time but now I can say proudly that I have been successful in this journey towards enlightenment and self-awareness.
    It is not the destination which matters but the journey which matters most.
    The 90-day target is not an end in itself indeed its just a beginning of a whole new form of lifestyle which will make you more active and more socially present.
    Though many on this platform had already posted the benefits of nofap but it is different for most.
    Before I had embarked on this journey of nofap, I was always anxious and my energy level was at a nadir. I started to lose hope in my abilities and all my past achievements but when I realised the same then I feel great.
    Mental fogginess had disappeared
    The energy level is at great height.
    I am more focussed, calm and reflexive to my day to day activities.

    To focus on nofap, one should not see it in singular way but it should be seen in adjunct to other addiction as well the other addictions may be in form of internet addictions, porn addiction, substance abuse addiction and other things which all know that they are not good for the growth of an individual then also all get indulged in same. The real thing is semen retention since I am is from India/ भारत , our ancient text had already laid huge emphasis on this retention but these days because of technological evolution we had forgotten. One should aim to retain semen in their body and that is only possible if one leads a life of pious, discipline and living for a cause. We should not live just for the sake of living but we should live for the sake of elimination of our ignorance. The time for all of us on this earth is limited, so it will not be worth to spend this vital thing in something useless. If you have high crave for sex then better get the real girl( not talking about paid sex ) if not then try to have self-control over your urges, as had been said that controlling something at the very beginning can help one to stop some big disaster to happen, we go on falling till we reach to such stage that it starts showing the glimpse of immense distraction and make one feel insanity, demotivated. Date someone, have a family or devote yourself to a relationship. We humans become addicted to masturbation because it comes with no immediate liability and as a result, we keep on going deeper to this hell. When you had sex with a real female then the mutual consent, respect, understanding, precautions etc comes into play which is entirely absent in case of fapping. So be accountable and responsible for your activity.

    The number of nofappers had increased because of the easy and mass availability of high-speed internet. Since these virtual addictions is exploiting the man internal makeup to cling one to readily available pleasure in form of fapping which makes one feel high, it not a war to be fought alone but we as the people of this world need to make people around us aware of same to fight the ills of explicit content and spread awareness to combat its spread and its ill repercussions.

    self-restraint, discipline, accountability and vigilante towards your activities can be a source of rescue, a small tip, we all people are well aware of the triggers; remove all such sources of distraction /ignition be it some app, some website, some book, some past thought. Learn to see stuff, not in singularity but there should be a holistic approach for the same. It's an easy job to get past 90 days, just be mindful of your activities ............. turn your habit of fapping into some great habit of learning, reading or writing.

    If someone is thinking that by being dormant you can be successful then I want all the people here who came to get rescued of PMO be assured that this is not how it works.
    The energy which you are going to get by being in this journey of no-pmo need to be invested judiciously. Therefore, I asked to develop some hobby or passion for some achievement . Achievement in the sense to hone your existing skill or living a satisfying life.

    If anyone wants to get rid of this then should be ready to sacrifice temporary pleasure and shun those habit which is counterproductive. Conquer of the inner self is what is needed, these are not so much easy to gain but it's not so difficult too.

    -One should be willing to pay the price for the same: here the price is to be in discipline, being vigilante and accountable. If one thinks that some app or some motivation video or talk gonna do miracle, then please shun such thoughts as it will only aggravate the situation.
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  2. An excellent post Celibacy Guy. I will respond more fully later. I'm a bit pressed for time right now. Keep up the good work!

    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    Sure dexter
  4. Excellent post, thanks for the share. I also agree with the fact that we shouldn't only get rid of PMO but we should take care of our lives in all its aspects. I really like your language. I hope to read more of your posts in the future. Congratulation on your decision to stay sober.
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  5. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    As a fellow indian , i m really proud that you completed this challenge. In these times, the internet rise have really increased PMO numbers these days. Keep spreading this knowledge to everyone around. Thank you for this post.
    Ps - Muth mat maro Hashtag ek number bhai
  6. Enigma897

    Enigma897 Fapstronaut

    Great stuff man , keep doing what you're doing , you're on the right path to true happiness in life , well done
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  7. Rexbrent

    Rexbrent Fapstronaut

    Hi brother i am having enxiety issues from sexual thoughts .constant lusty thiughts throughout the day . Do u think its bcz if low serotonin level from pmo . If it is thn how to reemit the serotonin pls help me
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    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    be disciplined, have good diets, don't self diagnose your problems, if you are facing any issue visit to some qualified doctor.
    And don't be idle , be busy in some stuff , be it gardening , doing social stuff , reading news , writing something or watching some sports etc , just don't be idle
  9. Rexbrent

    Rexbrent Fapstronaut

    I visited docter thn he prescribed me ssri , i took two differemt kinds for two months but no difference thn i quit . Ssri wrk temporary i read once u leave u r mind will get back to same old state . can we natuarrly also get treated
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    CELIBACY_GUY Fapstronaut

    please reduce internet usage to minimal, the biggest problem I have observed is with people getting addicted to the internet, not just PMO but all types of addiction need to be checked and this is only possible if you get yourself busy with some other task. so trust me if you will be engrossed in the thoughts of no pmo etc , nothing gonna happen, take complete control of your life, just don't overthink, overthinking is the main culprit
  11. Hi Celibacy Guy,
    sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I have not been well lately. I struggle with clinical depression and physical ailments. This morning once again I had to stop myself from fapping. The temptation has not left me. You write a great deal of sense in your posts. In particular your advice to reduce internet usage to a minimum. In addition the point you make about keeping busy is an excellent one. Overthinking is something I can well relate to. As Oscar Wilde once put it, "overthinking is a disease and like other diseases you can die from it."

    I have come to the view that celibacy rather than abstinence is my best course. I have downloaded the "32 Parts of the Body Meditation" with this goal in mind. Please see my log at for further information and links. While we are of course on separate journeys we have much in common. Like you I believe a holistic approach to life's problems is required. Stopping PMO alone, or attempting to, will not solve everything!

    Take care my friend and good luck!
  12. winningover

    winningover Fapstronaut

    Did you go through withdrawals? You haven't talked about it. If you did it, what were they and how long did they last ?
  13. Rexbrent

    Rexbrent Fapstronaut

    These sexual thoughts are cause of my problem . Any suggestions why thy coming amd how to deal
  14. PowerfulSRE

    PowerfulSRE Distinguished Fapstronaut

    Thank you for this post!
  15. White_Wolff

    White_Wolff Fapstronaut

    The truth is that this battle is internal and that it is of the mind. Even with a magical substance that can speed recovery, without learning the real lesson here you are almost surely going to repeat the same addiction with Food, or Hookers, or Drugs, or likely alcohol/social media consumption. The addiction is not the cause of your problem. The cause of your problem is what ever is preventing you from overcoming it. Once you figure that out you must strengthen the part of yourself that prevents you from overcoming it. So that you now have the ability to overcome any addiction or impulse which you cannot control at will.

    As celibacy man stated wisely: Removing triggers is key to the short term battle. Everyone has a trigger. The long term battle however is to have the control to have your finger right on the trigger without pulling it unless you are prepared to face the repercussions of the worst case scenario.

    Bruce lee once summarised this mind set of being able to face the internal battle with confidence of victory through strengthening of body and mind. He believed it was important to be prepared for that battle even if your circumstances don't make you seem likely to ever have to face it. When the internal battle comes it comes like the call for war. It has no preference, it takes no sides. We don't know when the battle might come. So to be prepared for it is a wise thing in case the sound of the wardrum returns once again.

    "It's better to be a warrior in a garden than to be a gardener in a war."
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  16. PeterBE

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  17. fedmom

    fedmom Fapstronaut

    I have links on how this is done in a thread in my profile if interested.
  18. celibacy-guy

    celibacy-guy New Fapstronaut

  19. Angus McGyver

    Angus McGyver Fapstronaut

    Excellent post overall!
    I did myself embark on the hard-mode journey two years ago and on that path, I have remained ever since which feels great overall. It was in the beginning of that journey, I also embarked on a journey of conquering myself, my inner demons and the multiple urges, cravings, stressors and imbalances I had accumulated over the years.
    Although regular NoFap (non hard-mode) can get you far, I still consider hard-mode over a prolonged period as the way to go if you want to become a true champion, warrior and legionary in life because let's face it, there are not too many men standing out in this way in today's day and age. Hence, self-mastery and self-control are the two keys for living a happy, prosperous, balanced and successful life overall.
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  20. cali4sto

    cali4sto Fapstronaut

    This guy is great

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