Find a new Intensity? - watch a horror flick?

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    First time posting,

    Just sharing my approach and hoping that my approach might be helpful for someone else out there.

    First all, at the base of it all, the PMO is an addiction to intensity. We crave the O. The sudden intense feeling. First there is sensation. Pavlov's bell starts to ring, and we are on automatic, that there is intensity dinner plate somewhere around the corner.

    And solution... white knuckle until the sensation passes, which can be any where from 3 minutes to 15 minutes. Either way can feel like a life time. During this period you try negotiating with yourself, using will power that we have come to know is actually very limited resource. Irony, is that if you had enough will power to stop, you would not need will power to fap in the first place. Structural it's a game your not built to win. It's like we laugh at bees that go nuts over the sound of a female bee. We laugh at their predictable programmed response, when in truth we are not much different.

    My answer to the situation. Find a new intensity. Don't bother try negotiate with yourself. My answer is to watch DUST horror flick on youtube, for 10 minutes.


    10 minutes later. What was my initial issue just a moment ago? SOmetimes i scroll down and hide in the comments section, because I'm that scared. Then the video is over. There is usually a twist ending. I'm just glad that horror flick is over. Then I realize I just over came a urge. It's so strange and weird, and yet it worked.

    Same idea as the marshmallow study. The kids who managed to not eat the marshmallow, just became actively disinterested, and found something else to do. Some here have suggested pushups. Some say cold water shower,. And for those of you out there that have gotten too good at pushups, and used to cold water showers with zero effect try watching a DUST horror flick. (don't make any money by suggesting this).Or anything that scared you in general. DUST videos are really scary, and usually well made. Rarely have gore and, you oddly have your craving for an intense experience meet. I feel like some kind of need has been meet.

    So to wrap up, the best way to bet this is to find a way to replace one intense experience with another that hopefully is less harmful.

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