Finding balance on the tight rope.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Robinthehood, Oct 20, 2021.

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    Starting 2nd day, woke up really early, had a look at crypto stuff, made a coffee, went in the garden and looked at the moon, it was still so high and bright at six this morning, amazing. I ended up thick in to a classic cue scenario. I was on my computer, at my desk searching for a specific thing that I need for work. Even though I was focused on that I began feeling the tug of pmo. For me I'd usually start on omegle, looking for a woman to chat with. My thought process there is that it will be satisfying but it's not porn even though I know it's as bad and will always end with full blown pmo binge. So I could feel my mind trying to convince me and I felt like I was holding on ok, resisting it but then I became I unsure that I could maintain that. I was weighing up the benefits of getting on with the day, of how good it will feel to resist and achieve the jobs I wanted to get done. So I got up, went in to the garden for a bit, did a couple of little tasks and sure enough it all passed. I didn't return to my desk because I couldn't guarantee I'd be OK so I'm sitting at the dining table now. Same kind of thing but I'm in a different environment, I know there's no way I'll relapse here but I wouldn't be so sure if I was at my desk. Amazing how the environmental cues are such a big part for me.
    Just wanted to get this process down in writing on here.
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    Thank you for sharing. This is very good and I am sure it will help a lot of people.
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    Awesome, well done. Watch out for second waves of thoughts.

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