Finding healthy ways to cope with stress, anxiety and unhappiness

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by lonercub, Jul 28, 2020.

  1. lonercub

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    I think one of the reasons getting rid of PMO is so difficult is because, there is always something happening in our lives that make us feel stress, anxiety and unhappiness and we have developed a bad way of coping with this. In short, PMO is escapism.

    So I wanted to perhaps come up with some ways to quickly change our attitude to a positive one.

    Being positive, I think is very important part of healing from PMO addiction.

    Perhaps even laughter therapy could help us!

    Perhaps next time we get an urge we should watch a funny video online!

    Or we should be telling more jokes on this forum!

    One thing that really makes me laugh is using this voice changer app, singing a song and then making it into a helium voice. It's so hilarious I laugh myself off whenever I listen to it.

    Perhaps to get over this escapism attitude we should take a cold shower.

    I wonder, if the pain we are feeling during our stressful times that provokes us to get our fix with PMO, is worse than other people who are not addicted, or are we just too soft people that we can't stand it or perhaps we think we deserve comfort that we immediately turn to PMO.
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  2. Hardwork11

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    excellent post.i read ur post with such an excitement and relished in the moment.u made excellent suggestions .
    what triggers me is when i am down sick i rationalize fabbing gives u nice sleep so i fab.
    but when i am healthy i distract my self with
    1.walking yes walking
    2.playing chess online.
    3.just calling a friend and saying hi.
    i do these when i have work and minium time.

    but during the vacations it is the hardest i deal with boredom by
    1.drinking coffee making nice coffee to enjoy trolling for the sake of laughter.
    3.reading about unique stuff like most expensive gold in the world.that listverse site is good.
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  3. Dub_Bass

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    I think anything that stimulates your mind and makes you happy. Instruments, the arts, literature, board games, conversation, photography.

    There was a period of time where after i'd binge and there was nothing more to do, or i was too depressive to even wanna watch porn as i knew i'd just be up all night anyways, i'd simply listen to blues.

    Playing the blues is quite easy too, 1-4-5 with the E and A shapes and you're as good as any dude.
  4. Freebliss

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    What helps me is getting out in nature. Traveling to cool nearby places. Like I have a couple cities ones a hour away and ones 2 hours away and it’s like a whole other world there compared to here. Bike riding and weight lifting
  5. UnitedWeStand

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    Getting into meditation stuff made me less anxious for sure!
  6. fapequalsdeath

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    Cool name and avatar. As far as laughter therapy.. It's not that easy man. Maybe you'll laugh a bit delay the urge but it's gonna come back at ya. Again and again. It truly is because we wre stressed depressed unhappy and alone. If we had a woman to fulfill the sexual needs and companionship needs and rich relationships with friens and family we would have had better support. But we don't and that's why we succumb each and every time to it. Not that you can't be an addict without those thinggs but man wouldn't it be nice if they were there? Not having a woman saddens me and depresses me and I fap to fill the void. It's like an never ending process and I feel I won't be able to get out of it. My counter is fake I fap every aingle day. It's horrible and I'm in a rut and can't stop

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