Finding it difficult to face the void/vaccum

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Honey_Singh_420, Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Honey_Singh_420

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    Hi all, things are a bit stable now. Trying to maintain some distance from what used to pull me in.
    But I face kind of inner void, even in meditation it's there.
    Is it fine?
    Meditation is the most soothing thing, even more than porn - reason why I could continue nofap, but that void is still there.
    What to do?
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  2. bulldawg1970

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    I am not sure ehere your coming from, but nofap is so full of life in every aspect good and bad victories and defeat, getting back up and striving again, I don;t see how this site can cause a void. If anything at all it has helped to avoid a void in my life, not cause one. But maybe seek a professional counselor a support group to help with this matter, not really sure.
  3. TheForsakeen

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    if you were a heavy addict id say its fine, just your mind off the constant dopamine porn gave you; like all things it will eventually pass if you don't falter.
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  4. safa61947

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    Existential dread is a person. I can only say that if you feel the void during meditation, watching porn and masturbating to fantasy will make the void bigger and make you question your self-worth.
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  5. Honey_Singh_420

    Honey_Singh_420 Fapstronaut

    I was a hardcore addict.
    4 years ago, I used to fap 4 times a day, 365 days an year.
    In 2018, I brought it down to twice or thrice a week.
    In 2019, it was twice or thrice in a week.
    By 2020, it was twice or thrice a week, and at instances a month without fapping.
  6. Slimjimjones

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    That pit may or may not be born from porn. Maybe some philosophy and new perspectives on your place in the universe are in order?
  7. Fighter911

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    Hey, can you be more specific about this void? it could be related to levels of dopamine, it's unpleasant I know, but it's something you must go through if you want to overcome an addiction. it should't last more than some weeks. just do something good for yourself, your brain will start slowly to produce dopamine while doing sports, listening to music, hanging out with friends, all those situations will be more pleasant. but it could be something deeper, not even related to porn addiction, sometimes we use addictions just to not think about it: you can have some needs that are not satisfied, have a look at Maslow's pyramid, is there anything missing in your life?
  8. Could that void actually be the emptiness that buddhist scriptures talk about? I don't know how long you've been meditating for, what kind of meditation we're talking about, and what your other spiritual practices, if any, might be. But you could be heading towards an ego death / enlightenment, the end of the separate self, or what is called "stream-entry" in buddhism. Can be terrifying if you're not ready to let go, but should be welcomed if you can overcome the fear. I myself have had experiences of a void during meditation, accompanied by sudden dizziness as if I was swirling around in some kind of vortex. Some people initially think and feel that this emptiness is depressing. But if you go into it, it actually leads to the fullness of life. Now I can't guarantee that that's what you're faced with, given your very brief description, but you might wanna read Eckhart Tolle's prologue in The Power of Now for a good description of this void / vortex during his spontaneous awakening literally over night.

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