Finding other people less attractive? Dont care what others think?

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    I have been a intermittent faster for the last 10 months... I am new to the whole idea of semen retention.. I have ejaculated 4 times since April 1... I did have one 27 day streak of no ejaculating since April 1 and Im currently on a 7 day streak of not ejaculating.. What I have noticed in the last month is my skin is better compared to a year ago..I look younger and more vibrant which is common among people who intermittent fast and practice semen retention... One strange thing I have noticed lately is I find some of my coworkers look tired.. old... especially a few women who say 2 years ago I thought were attractive but now im not attracted to at all... And it feels like I borderline don't care about some of my coworkers at all.. I don't ask them personal questions or make small talk with them.. ive read many men on this forum and on reddit claim that after retaining semen for awhile they stop caring what others think and don't give a fuck... Ive noticed this a bit at work.. Not caring what my coworkers think and not caring about their snide and sarcastic remarks towards me.. Not giving a damn if certain coworkers talk to me or not.. it seems lately all I care about at work is doing the job as best I can and being very motivated to be one of the best employees...thoughts?
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    I really want to go like that: not caring about anyone
    I think that I am already in this way...
    No more social anxiety
  3. My experience during my long streaks of retention/No PMO is that yes, my confidence went way up and I became far less insecure. I did not worry as much what others thought, and was far more confident. It definitely helped with anxiety issues in general as well.

    But I also noticed that I cared less about others' physical attractiveness and was more interested in them as a person. I was less apt to sexual objectify others, but rather seeing much greater value in other characteristics besides physical beauty. I found myself becoming much more empathetic, actually.
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  4. I think there is a bit of nuance here, and this might be a language challenge only, but in abstaining and retention it's not that we don't care about anyone. We don't become sociopaths from this, and on the contrary I find myself opening up to an even greater capacity to love others and empathize.

    But what we gain is an inner security and clarity. Rejection and adversity have less impact on us, and we are more able to move forward. I still care about other people, and even care what they think about me, but it becomes rooted in a more healthy reality.

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