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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by sam30, Aug 4, 2020.

  1. sam30

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    Since i have been on this NoFap. I feel i have gain more confidence. I feel i am more productive. I feel i manage time a lot more better and not wasting it on pmo. However i have still not found out what i want to do in life. Hopefully if i continue with this NoFap for as long then my brain might start clicking...What is your view people??
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  2. Suki

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    Get out of your comfort zone. Try new things, do not assume that something will not interest you until you try it yourself.
  3. Zyra_aryZ

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    It's by exploring that we find things that interest us. If something doesn't work out, don't get upset, get back out and try something else.

    Right now for me it's helping moderate SAA meetings when I have the opportunity. It's a small thing but I'm sure it will lead to other opportunities in the future.
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  4. Finding our passion is a very difficult experience for some people, while it's easy for others. In my case, I still have no idea what my real passion is. (Not 100% sure anyway.)
  5. Raven King

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    I would suggest you think about what your interesst are, hobbies, causes, etc. Wouldnt hurt to research things you haven't and are curious about.
    Your true passion usually lies there. Turn your passion into a career and you will enjoy life more.

    Of course it's totally normal to have more than one passion in life.
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  6. Zyra_aryZ

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    That’s so true. I loved airplanes while growing up and now work on them. I love my job and enjoy going to work.
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  7. Raven King

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    That's great to hear. Your kind is a minority, unfortunately. Most people I know hate their job but do nothing about it. Change is scary.

    Because of NoFap I just got a new job!
    I was tired of the old one but didnt dare to do anything about it while on PMO.
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