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    I remember myself on the very beginng of this journey, that if i hit the 90 days milestone I will be the happiest person on the world, expecting some irresistible power, having dozens of hot girls constantly behind my back.

    Nothing of this happened. I had a "airport day" today and as I was browsing airport shops and relaxing my tired body (you know from all this sitting :) ) I came up with interesting analogy what happened in my body after 90days.

    Short background:
    I have discovered that I was addicted in the spring 2014. That time I was in RS with wonderful girl. I tried to overcome this disease but I wasnt able. And why? Because I didnt have any reason to change my life. It was very comfortable, when something was bothering me (my girl was - because she was not enough good in contrast with novelty girls on web) I simple went for fapping.

    Spring 2015 - our RS ended with very very very bad consequences. I never felt so vulnerable liek this time. Typical example of collapsing RS nowadays. I dont talk about that anymore but just to know that I was really realy down. Almost half a year. Of course my solution was - FAP! Which actually made me very pathetic and i felt like i have nothing to do on this planet anymore.

    Late summer - I decided and I saw that FAP making my moods worse and I made a decision. I tried something like 5days, then go fucking back like crazy.

    25th October - I was standing in front of Taxus tree to tear some of the needles to finish it (cup of tea from 100g and you are on the other side..). I almost did but obviously I didnt - i dont know why I did this I dont remember cause something deeper in me took responsibility for my life.

    Autumn 2015 - first 20 days was like heaven. I noticed a girls on the street they noticed me. I started to work out (well from September..). I started to look for some books i would like...I also experienced huge flatlien - days 25 to 50 (many of you helped me that time again, I was about to commited suicide, yes another one)

    X-mas 2015. Terrible, it was terrible my memories and self-pity was tearing apart. Worst days beside flatline. Than I discover self-help books. Never believed thats something like that could help me. You know what, 10 years ago i was reading al hell but i guess also because of FAP i stopped and wasnt able to evolved anymore.. was to lazy...probably.

    Begging of 2016 - new year, I said new opporutnity, new grip! And really things started to go differently. I have started to think differently and thats been greatest change in my life. I am still learning to do that but things from Napoleon Hill, Marcus Aurelius, Epiktetos, The SLight Edge.. and other good books or even only thoughts are inredible cause it really work. BUt thats a different story.

    I like to tell you here my conclusion of 90 days and finally describe fire analogy.

    I think that naturally we have a fireplace inside of us. And the fire works as a engine for everything we want to accomplish in our lives and what gives us energy to be the man we deep inside want to be. BUt with fapping we pour water inside the fire so it works as extinguisher. Once we stop FAP we ignite a spark. On our way we are putting a larger and larger wood pieces to the fire so it grows. I think my fire is after 90 days in size of normal fire, average size that i can work with towards some other things. I would say this is a basic type of fire that everyone should start with. The energy from the fire feeds everything in your life - sport, art, relationships....everything. I dont stop here, i will put more and more woods so the fire is bigger...

    I dont know I feel like that, i really feel energy inside of me and it ussually goes with "i dont give a fuck" in a good way, like i am not a scary boy - what they say if i do that, what if i do something else that everyone is expecting from me... you know, fuck it, i have my own life and only i know the best to live it, period!

    My accomplishement:
    - i quit with facebook - great relief
    - my vioce is definitely deeper - sometimes i dont even recognize myself
    - my connectivity with people has grown up
    - i spend more time with my family
    - looking into girls eyes feels amazing
    - i speak slower
    - i am definitly more confident - its the feeling
    - i use modern technologies only when i NEED
    - read a book a week - read instead of checking my emails on cellphone
    - greater posture for sure
    - have been doing cold showers for a month and feel amazing
    - less sweating
    - more courageous
    - i dont so much attention to the things anymore (i dont need that new gadget, iphone etc.) - i know the greatest thing on the world is inside of us!!!

    Well i didnt become a pick-up monster of chick magnet but my life has improved thats for sure.

    I think 90days is just beginng like the first step out of your comfort zone!

    If anything, i am here for you guys, go ahead and ask whatever you want
    Hail to the NOFAP!!
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  2. CS1

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    Love the story awesome man will catch you soon
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  3. Ikindaknew

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    I guess you are right. People having too much expectations might be sad in the end. Your 90 days brought you a lot of REAL improvements. feeling better with yourself, having a healthier way of life....keep it up!
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    Yh I'm coming.I wanna be clear in this Whole awesome
  5. cud

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    Thank you, this is even better analogy. I guess there is no locomotive without the fire and i already have THE right fire burning inside of me!
  6. cud

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    You are right. But i want to point out that i dont say the superpower isn´t possible. It is not just in my case.
    Picture Himalayas. Huge incredible mountains. But there wasn´t there all the time. They risen after collision of India subcontinent with Asia continent. We always imagine it like a mighty collision similar to collision of two icebreakers.. within a few minutes the thing is done. But it took millions of years, constant slow progressive work with massive forces taking place. And thats exactly the way I feel my mountain is growing inside of me.
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    yeah ! we know we can do it..! dont care about the people pleasing, its not worth it. we're all here for you bro..
  8. TheFutureMe

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    Thanks for sharing with us, it's definitely the way to go, even if there's no chick magnet effect in the end ;) We do that for us, for out lives. Keep it up!
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    Inspiring post Cud... thanks for sharing
  10. cud

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    Yeah you are definitely right.

    I was talking to my friend today. He seemed to very sad and told me he some issues with himself. I introduced him NOFAP - he was amazed! So I guess we have one more soldier here :D.

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