First 30 day streak! (no PMO, alcohol, or weed)

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    This is huge for me and i cant believe ive made it this far! i started this journey because of a failed love and PIED being the reason a girl that meant the world to me leaving me forever...

    I didnt even know what PIED was or that I had an addiction to P, until i couldnt rise to the occasion with this girl, and i researched why and found this website and other things online showing me the error of my ways. After i read these things i felt like i had a chance to fix these problems, but the girl was long gone by this point and i felt hopeless and continued to PMO for about a year until i had finally had enough! I was also HEAVY into drinking even before i met this girl, probably since the age of 17 i had started drinking daily and smoking weed every day to escape. When i had met this girl i stopped drinking and smoking but after she left me i doubled down on everything; PMO, alcohol, and weed for about a year until i started my nofap journey which included alcohol and weed for me. It has been great this past month conquering my addictions and i feel so much better its unbelievable!

    • Happier without self medicating just naturally happy or at least OK and content with being sober
    • Vision has improved (not sure if it due to no PMO or alcohol but i really dont care either)
    • My heart doesnt beat out of my chest anymore from literally the smallest of activity
    • Busy most of the day much less down time to feel sorry for myself
    • Eye contact with women is much easier
    • social anxiety is improving
    • The future no longer seems so dark
    • more dreams (that is from no alcohol and weed forsure)
    • Starting to get morning wood on occasion (not 100% but it better than nothing!)
    I still have a long way to go in this journey and still have yet to see if i can cure my PIED... but it feels good to be able to post in the "success stories" that have inspired me so much in the beginning of this journey. Still strong!

    My (mostly) full story:
  2. Congrats on your first 30 days :) well done, glad to see so many benefits you were able to experience. Keep going
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    Congrats. After I quit weed it took a month before I started to have dreams. I never had dreams when I smoked weed.
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