First 30 days after 15+ years of daily addiction.

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    Hello everyone, my name is T and I'm having a difficult day today so I thought I'd post here to help myself reach my goal & perhaps share with you some tips I found that helped me deal with this ugly addiction during my first 30 days.

    My goal is to never waste my semen again unless I plan to have a baby and also never watch porn again to normalize my dopamine level and have "normal" interactions with women (i.e. not objectify them).

    I didn’t have any orgasm for 30 days. However, I did watch porn a few times, including today. This is the reason why I’m posting; I hope rereading this post in the future will help me control myself better.

    How porn affected my life:

    1) I have hurt many girls emotionally

    I won't go into great lengths to tell you how bad porn is for you; I think most of you know it already. However, I'd like to say something about how it sucks being a playboy and why you should never be one.

    Porn addiction has led me to try to get as many girls as possible, I thought I was being cool chasing all those girls and to be honest I had good success. I used to brag to my friends showing them how many girls I was seeing at the same time etc.

    The truth is when you do that, you WILL hurt these girls. You will hurt their feelings and their trust towards men for the sole reason of 30 minutes of pleasure. And the most pathetic thing about it is that it's not even that enjoyable compared to having sex with a girl you really like.

    How can you be happy and satisfied with yourself when what you do consistently hurt other people? Maybe you can endure it for a while if you are really disconnected with reality like I was but eventually the reality will catch you up and you will feel like shit.

    Playboys are losers.

    2) Porn addiction has left me exhausted.

    Last year I had a burn out (I’m 30 years old). I was sleeping 12 to 15 hours per day, I couldn’t work anymore, I had mood swings. My eyesight dropped a lot. I had extreme teeth decay and also nerve infection. Tendinitis pretty much everywhere in my body. I thought I was going to die.

    This was not due to stress but mainly poor lifestyle habits like working at night, eating shit, not exercising, not going outside to enjoy sunlight, caffeine/modafinil abuse etc etc.

    One other factor was porn abuse. Jacking off every day and wasting my semen made me exhausted but this was also one of my only source of “”” happiness “”” at the time so I kept going and going.

    Long story short, I managed to recover by changing these habits and by fasting. Fasting is amazing, check it out. It has saved me.

    The things that helped me go through this first month:

    It was hard but I (mostly) made it, I didn’t think I’d be able to do it because I have watched porn and masturbated every day for 15 years but I made it and so can you!

    1) Reading success stories and other posts on this forum. I would like to thank everyone who have shared their experience.

    2) Discipline yourself. I have made myself a daily routine that I follow religiously. I know this is the way for me to succeed, if I slack I’ll go back to my old demons. Here it is:

    5 am: wake up and take a cold shower.

    5.20 am: light workout

    5.40 am: Yoga

    6 am: Wim Hof Method (check it out, it’s amazing!)

    6.15 am: Ice bath

    6.30 am: I start to work

    4.30 pm: Finish work

    4.30pm -> 8.30pm: Free time but I still try to be productive. Learning a new language, read books, relax myself, yoga/chi qong/meditation/work out/massage whatever feels good after a long day of work.

    8.30pm or before: Turn off my phone and go to bed.

    3) I sometimes use my ego when I’m tempted to watch porn. I just tell myself I’m worth better than that, porn is for weak minded people etc. That I can do something else that could make me really happy, go outside, call someone etc.

    I also rationalize and tell myself that in the long run this habit will hurt me. It has already hurt me so much, why should I keep doing it ?

    4) Porn industry is evil. Think about all these girls who did porn, how it affects their social lives, how it affects their families. The shame and embarrassment they have to face every day. They are basically prostitutes and everyone can watch them, for free, anytime.

    They might look happy and ok to do what they’re doing on the camera but I don’t believe for one second that they are not suffering.

    Porn is wrong.

    Some people make money from it, I don’t want to make them richer. I don’t want to play that game. Fuck them.

    The things I have to watch for in order to be successful:

    1) Have enough sleep. If I don’t sleep at least 8 hours, my will power becomes quite weak. I am currently trying to find techniques to have better sleep quality.

    I slept 6 hours last night, I woke up exhausted and couldn’t even start my morning routine. Then I went to buy cookies and ice coffee which for me is a clear infraction to my diet. And then, you guessed it, I watched porn. Good quality sleep is key.

    2) Stay disciplined. I have noticed that even little things can trigger my porn addiction. For example: If I skip my morning routine or eat bad quality food then my will power will decrease.

    3) Be careful what I’m watching on YouTube. I had the bad experience of trying to learn Yoga through YouTube videos. I definitely can’t watch one of those if the teacher is a hot young girl wearing sexy clothes. I need to avoid these like the pest!

    Finally to end on a positive note I’d like to list the benefits I got from these first 30 days because they are quite substantial –at least for me-:

    Benefits I got from nofap this first month :

    1) I managed to create myself a daily routine that improves my health day after day which is a very, very important thing for me.

    2) I stopped playing video games completely and it has actually been very easy. I used to play at least 2 hours per day. I now use this extra time to focus on my work or extend my knowledge.

    3) I noticed an increase in energy. I am not 100% sure this is due to semen retention or the other healthy activities I described in my new daily routine but it is quite enjoyable.

    4) I feel better about myself. It’s still not perfect but I feel more respectable if I don’t watch porn.

    5) During the few times I watched porn during this first month, I noticed I was getting aroused by stuff that used to turn me on years ago when I was a teenager. I don’t need to watch extreme stuff to get excited anymore. This tells me I am on the right track even though I stumbled on the way by watching porn.

    6) Sex with my partner has been great, even without ejaculation. I was happy to be able to control myself. I just had to go slow at the beginning and let the initial rush go then I was able to have normal sex even at a fast pace. This is a big deal because it shows me semen retention can be done even if you are still having sex.

    Thank you for reading this lenghty post, I had things to get off my chest !
    That is all for today. I will post an update in 30 days.
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    Well done man.
    This is an important time in your life; just don't over-do the self-discipline!
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    Well done to you. Do not let your self down when you don't do your morning routine..many times you won't be able to do morning routine because of whatever reason but you must stay strong not to go into porn. My days are mostly lethargic, apathetic, doing nothing from what I supposed to do so but I am not watching porn and not fapping. That's the main goal in the mind. All other things will come from that, even better routines, a better feeling about myself etc.. You can't be very hard on yourself when you fail because you will be stuck in the addiction forever. Good luck to you with your journey, you did amazing so far!
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    Thank you for this post! Day 7 for me today and I feel more empowered than I have all week.
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    By fasting do you mean IF ?
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    Well done bro and it's good that you have taken decision to kill this dragon.
    30 days is not enough but it's a good no. Just keep going and always hold in your mind all the reasons why you want to stop this bad habit forever.
    All d best
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    I have click to receive notification for this thread. Please post more. I want to read more of your success.
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    Time to bring the porn industry down...(Time To Change Ourselves)
    Congrats man ;)
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    awsome! another Win Hof Fan here :)

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