first 5 weeks were awesome .. now ? meh !!

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    hi guys
    i have been addict for many years
    i have been trying to stop for about a year now with max streak of 13 days
    i hit rock bottom lately with failing and college and severe depression ext.
    i worked really hard this time i started learning piano ( which helped ) and started to change my life style
    first 5 weeks were great the headaches and brain fog went away and i had a wonderful period
    last week the headaches came back with anxiety and strong urges and i dont know why !
    i ve been able to pull through but im really worried im gonna relapse
    i just wanna know when the urges and headaches are gonna disappear for good ???
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  2. idontwanttoreveal

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    Hi there, I completely understand what you are feeling right now.

    You did great so far, be proud of your achievement. Do not worry, and I can't stress this much: urges and headaches will disappear in time.

    Be aware of what triggers your urges to view P, to M and to O.

    If you ever feel like you are going to relapse, talk to someone, do a little task (it can vary from going to the supermarket, taking a shower, cleaning something, reading, practicing the piano). Soon enough you will be thinking about something else and sooner than later you will find yourself reaching a new milestone.

    What you are experiencing right now feels shitty, I know. But it is natural and part of your healing process. Your body is conditioned to be rewarded, so in a nutshell, reward yourself with positive attitude, positive encounters and learn from your behavior.

    I am currently in day 109/110 and from time to time I find myself lost, but the it is truly a blessing because from here on you will only get better! Trust the community and specially yourself.

    Be proud my friend, you are in a journey that is changing your life around and remember that none of the bad stuff is your fault.
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  3. tdotLotLJ

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    41 Days is Verrrrrrry Good !!!

    The above guy had LOTS of good advice.

    Sounds like you may be going through the famous NoFap Flatlining Phase. In the NoFap Glossary it says, "Flatlining: Many NoFap® users report one or more periods of zero libido during their streak, especially in the 2-6 week period." Also, "Withdrawal symptoms = brain fog and difficulty focusing, depression and mood swings, anxiety... basically your brain initially freaking out due to the fact that your favorite escape and coping mechanism is no longer in use."

    Headaches can be caused by: too much salt; lack of sleep; caffeine withdrawls due to having varying amounts
    daily, etc. Perhaps stress and worry can cause yours also?
    I had some bad (and rare) headaches last week. So just take some aspirin or Tylenol when you feel one coming on.

    Urges will go away as soon as you are dead.
    Males will always have Testorsterone pumping through your veins --can't help it. Every Man's Battle as they say. So you just gotta deal with it -- you've been doing very good.
    Marriage should give you an outlet .... resource......... if you marry a good woman.
    (In my opinion, 20% of women realize the importance / actually care about their husband being sexually fulfilled.

    So you can go be a weak... wimpy ... Beta male .... fish among Sharks .... with bad eye contact.... shame .... unhappy .... etc.
    Or you can be what you are -- and growing to -- a male stud.... Alpha male .... assertive .... strong personaility .... good example .... better focus .... talk to anyone anywhere ... good at public speaking; no fears; attractive to women ... a real man .... etc.

    Your choice.

    I did about 90 days a few months ago. Here's some tips -- maybe you'll find something new? Keep up the good work!


    1. Use lots of rewards [positive reinforcement] the first week (desserts, fruit drink, etc.)

    2. When tempted, use Distractions to provide a way to escape temporary (10-20 min.) temptations

    3. GO OUTSIDE -- if necessary -- always works.

    4. Remember the many Benefits of NoFap: a. get rid of social anxiety & no fear of public speaking b. increased attention from the opposite sex c. bye depression [no shame to drag you down] d. much more energy e. stronger eye contact & more assertive f. more happy in general g. more focus h. Pain of self-discipline -- or the Pain of Regret.

    5. Keep Busy ( be productive) -- it will make you feel good to have some daily goals and check them off as you accomplish them.

    6. Dance to your favorite tunes... call or text or email a friend ... go to NoFap and "like" some posts … give advice ... encourage others…etc.

    7. You Can Do This! Anyone can be successful at NoFap! (All it takes is some effort; and willingness to go outside once in a while)
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    This is a really great comment! Thanks for taking the time to write it up! (I wanted to give it a like but I'm only allowed 50 likes in 12 hours :/ aw well haha)
  5. Skielr

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    Maybe I wont say anything new, but every struggle in this journey is worth going through. I also had some bad times and they still sometimes appear. But every single time there is a huge reward afterwards.
    My first reward was better focus, reduced social anxiety, and couple of other positive changes in my mind.
    Then I went through some short episode of feeling down and getting occasional urges. But after that...
    I feel like there is a fire inside of me, there is really no comparsion between myself THEN and NOW. I have lot of motivation and I managed to cut off almost all things that were bad for me.
    I feel comfortable in a group, and I speak like a leader. People always pay attention to me.Im more open and honest with friends and family.
    And what is best for me, lately girls attract to me like crazy:p .
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    Day 61 here, no superpowers at all but even without superpowers no PMO is worth it. Because I'm no more slave of my lusts. I have full control on myself. I wanna make my soul pure for my God Allah Almighty. And i want to live a peaceful and lovely life with my wife after marriage, i am virgin by the way 23 years old. I am having no strong erections yet but i hope so i am in a flatline and i will recover soon. Years of abuse from filthy lusts have damaged me so much. And of course it will take a considerable time to heal.
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  7. 4DCreator

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    urges will never dissapear because you are a will be juust able to handle them differently and they won't make you so tired and feared. All other aspects can dissapear mostly after years of being sober. It won't dissapear in 90 days as people say. It is vital and good to be sober at least 3 years to really enjoy freedom. Also depends how long you been addicted. 3 years is good for somebody who was addicted like 20 years.,
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  8. MD97

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    i cant tell you how thankful iam for your replies guys .. it really helped and i think its starting to get clearer already
    good luck for all of you
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