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    Here's an interesting and more light-hearted thread for you all.

    Your first car.

    Mine was a red (2000) Ford KA Collection*.


    By no means perfect. It had oil leaks, windscreen wipers failed, door locks failed, heaters not working as the fans ALWAYS blew cold air. The bodywork was rough as sandpaper, and the paintwork flat as a pancake with it fading into various shades of red (or pink). Oh, it was rather rusty needing welding on the sill. Rust bubbles on virtually every panel. The worst was still to come, as I had to have two - YES! TWO! - engine replacements with new blocks put into this car.

    After the second new engine, I decided to get rid and trade it in for another car after I saved up some money for it. Enough was enough by that point.

    But despite all this and as I reflect on this. I loved it as it was a nippy and spirited little car - when it worked. Cheap on fuel and handled like a go-kart. It gave me freedom, independence, and I learnt valuable lessons in owning and looking after cars from there onwards.

    My current car (as I write this) is a 2012 Ford Focus.

    Now you know about my first car. I'd love hear about your first car.

    *image is not actual photo of my car and used for illustrative purposes.
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  2. SilentJay313

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    My first car was a 1991 Honda Civic DX Hatchback. It had a hole in the passenger floor board and some other body rust(typically for cars in Michigan), but other than that it was a solid car. Had it for about 4 1/2 until it pretty much have out on me. Second car was a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Great reliable car, but often intimidated other drivers(which was good and bad) and wasn't that fuel efficient. Loved the fact that people wouldn't cut me off even though I pretty much drove like an old lady. Got rid of it when a spark plug blew out of the cylinder head last year. It would have cost me to much to replace it.

    Currently driving a 2002 Acura RSX. It reminds me of my Honda Civic, and is much better on gas than the Crown Victoria, but I wished that it was a manual transmission instead of automatic. At least i don't have to use premium fuel in it since it's the base model. Hopefully it'll last me a long time.
  3. 1985 two door Toyota Corolla.

    Manuel transmission with a weak four cylinder engine.

    I was a 20 year old youngster in the US Navy stationed with a training squadron, VP-31 at Moffett Field, CA. One of my instructors taught me how to drive stick shift and sold me that car. I was excited to have more freedom. I drove that thing all over the place, even in the mountains. Didn’t take care of it well at all but it kept running. I have great respect for Toyotas, that thing never gave me any trouble even though I was negligent with the maintenance.

    Sold it to another sailor before transferring to VP-46 in 1987.

    I’m a Honda man now.
  4. Bombadil

    Bombadil Fapstronaut

    Peugeot 205. Lovely little car. I fortunately had the 1.4L engine not the 1.9L (which is why I'm still alive...)
  5. FormerFapaholic

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    Peugeot 205s are classics. If you're saying the 1.9, you're meaning the legendary GTi!

  6. Bombadil

    Bombadil Fapstronaut

    It was a beauty. I once left a tvr standing at the traffic lights. Course he may not actually have known he was racing....
  7. Makes me think of all the teenagers and 20-somethings over the years that were given, or got on their own, high powered motorcycles and are no longer with us. RIP.

    Hope I didn't derail the thread. Let's hear about more first cars, good thread.
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  8. Bombadil

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    In my defence:
    1. I was unsupervised
    2. I never actually had a collision with another vehicle
    3. The gatepost wasn't looking when it walked out in front of me..
  9. 1992 eagle talon. The timing belt broke and the engine seized after having it for less than a year.
  10. bluemax4

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    Skoda Fabia 2003 model. Still going strong after 3 years :emoji_red_car:
  11. vxlccm

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    1980 dodge pickup. a beast that died too young with transmission problems after driving it into the dirt as teens are wont to do.

    :sniff: oh, the nostalgia
  12. Yep! I completely understand.
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  13. 1986 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. White. Bench front seat. Best make out car ever and it made the vatos jealous.
  14. vxlccm

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    @Max Fisher Out of likes. Hahaha - back at you. It's a good thing to not have enough. But, that's a seriously likeable vehicle. Might find me one.
  15. Reborn16

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    Mine was a Jeep 1998 ZJ Grand Cherokee, had it for 7 years!

    It was slow, steered all over the place, and evaporated fuel when you looked at it. But it had character... Sounded like a mini Mopar with the aftermarket exhaust, and the stock suspension did what big $$ 4x4s would sometimes struggle to do, and it did it with a lot of luxury - leather, heated seats (didn't work but still) haha.

    Now I drive a Ford Falcon G6 (Aussie mainstream big sedan, discontinued in 2015) :(

    These things have a big 4.0 inline 6, RWD, many came with turbos and will push 1000hp unopened. Very reliable and use less fuel than a V8. But they are heavy and not as fun as older cars...
  16. Grand Cherokee.

    I didn’t have one but a best friend of mine did and I’d get to ride in it once in awhile.

    That automobile was very comfortable. I would have liked to get one but had a truck at the time.

    That friend died of cancer and his whole story during his last 3 years was very inspiring. Because of all that the Jeep Cherokee and anything else that reminds me of him is looked upon fondly.
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  17. Reborn16

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    Thanks for sharing man, I think the same way about the boxy style land cruisers my late uncle used to drive me around on a farm with.

    My dad is on his 4th Jeep now I believe and all GCs, no doubt we get influenced by our families and close friends in our car passions!
  18. I haven't had a first car yet. ;)
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  19. Strength And Light

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    1982 Dodge Colt. I bought it for $200. The bumper was held on with bungee cords.
  20. 1991 Honda Prelude Si

    I was really excited for this car since I loved Honda and liked the fact that there weren’t a lot of Preludes amongst my friends; they all had Civics or CRXs. This car was also my first lesson in why you should never buy a red car! :emoji_race_car: :emoji_oncoming_police_car:

    I was a little hell raiser in school and quickly became known for running from the police, lol. Oh the stupid shit I did when I was young.


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