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    Hello guys.
    Wow, 14 days in a row, I never though that I could reach this far and now I fell the firsts results.

    I fell that my skin is way better then before and I have much less acne now.

    This morning I went to the shopping mall. After buying the whole LOTR triology + the hobbit in the book store, I dicided to go to the starburcks store and buy a frapuccino that was about $7,50. I gave an $100,00 bill to the attendant (who is very pretty girl by the way) and she said: " sorry HANDSOME, but we dont have any change for this bill right now". The way she looked at me and her voice sounded at the moment made me think that she wanted to fuck me so bad. Hahaha

    At 5 PM I went to the gym and trained with the will of a hundred men. I never worked out so hard like this in my life.
    When i was leaving i saw two EXTREMELY HOT women with 25~30 on the drinking fountain filling up their bottles with water. I Didn't hesitate, I went straighin their direction and asked: "excuse me, ladies ( whith a very confident voice), would you kindly step aside so i can fill up my bottle?" One of them, the hottest, looked at me and gave me a sweet smile: "yeah, sure". Even if any of them didn't shown any intrest in me, I fell proud about this because i didn't have any any hesitation to talk to them, and i was a litlle bit daring.

    Well, this is it my friends, I hope you enjoyed this and please comment what you think about this :)

    *note: I'm 17
    Sorry for some mistakes, i'm not a native speaker of english
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