First day ! Shame and guilt

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Logan(y-men), Mar 25, 2020.

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    Today is the first day after long streak of nofap, it was more than 55 days, i relapsed in 5 or 4 days in each day I was relapsing a lot,and today is the first day after these days,but I feel strong guilt and shame of my self, in addition to there is some porn pop up in my head it's weak but it's exist, in addition to I watched bdsm and I'm not addict to these staff , but I still have some BDSM pop up on my head, although they were only 2 videos and they weren't good for me, because this kinda way of sex it may get me arousal but but I can't complete my arousing because it's a torture not sex , i don't know Why do they these things,in addition to I feel guilty because I watched these 2 videos

    How can I mange these feeling of guilt and shame ?
    I know these scenes that pops up will fade away from my head that's right ?

    Wish me luck guys, i wanna back to these days of long streak I will accept it with every bad feeling i felt back then
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