First full-on relapse in about one and a half years

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Captain B, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Captain B

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    So yeah, it finally happened to me too, I guess. After about 1.5 years without PMO I woke up hungover & horny last Sunday and consciously decided it's time to let myself slip for once. I didn't use P and funny enough, the thoughts I had were somehow a lot less visual than in the past. I take it that's a good sign. I don't feel bad about it. But a few things seem to have changed nontheless. I think I'll leave this website for a while. Recently I've been spending too much time thinking about (refraining from) PMO and with regards to the fact that I initially wanted to make PMO a SMALLER part of my life, this goal has been taken a bit ad absurdum.

    I never wanted to become entirely abstinent from MO and it sometimes made me feel weird that I seemed to have done so regardless. I wanted to get my sexuality under control, not surpress it. Luckily, the chaser effect lasted less than 24 hours and the urge to MO is pretty much down to zero again. That's cool, I like that. But I don't have to fight with everything I got to keep it that way. I'll try to do what I did for the past 18 months but now I accept the fact that I will fail at some point. Actually, "fail" is the wrong word, it's just part of the journey. If it happens every 18 months, I'll be entirely happy ;)

    Take care everyone and see you in a while!
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  2. DannyCool

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    OMG what is it like without fapping for that long is there anything I should know?
  3. Elduderino

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    In regards to being hungover I think I can understand this.

    If your body has a state of dopamine depletion from drinking the night before - I'm sure you can figure out the rest.

    Cold turkey Heroin addicts are known to M until their meat becomes red, raw and chafed trying to get an adequate dopamine fix.
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  4. Arley

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    I've always pmo with more plangence when hung over.
    Explain chaser effect please, thank you
  5. Kiddy

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    Hey, you made a mistake. It's okay. You are a model Fapstronaut. You don't have to leave this site. I don't think it's bad to spend a lot of time thinking about not doing PMO. Of course, it is not the most pleasant thing to think about, but it's better than ignoring your problems and letting it control your life.
  6. nomo

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    Hi Kiddy,
    Just wondering why you have put the buzzard and the starving child at the bottom of your signature. I'm not judging you, but that is a cruel picture and it's hard for me to look at it.

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