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  1. I also stopped initiating, because it was always me, so now there is NO SEX AT ALL, since he doesn't initiate.
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  2. Ravyn

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    This has been my entire relationship (9 yrs) due to his PIED. Always the initiator, constantly rejected. Eventually I just gave up trying. Out of emotional protection, and apathy/helplessness. I just handle my own biz now and don’t even try. But I also find myself withholding affection out of spite or anger. Like, if you won’t have sex with me, I won’t kiss or cuddle you. Not a good place to be in.
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    Actually I respectfully disagree. Every man is different. Especially if the problem is due to PA. Men in the fog of PA won't start chasing you unfortunately. Real sex is too much hard work! It's tough suffering rejection, as the majority of SOs stories on here read. We get rejected in favour of the easy Os P brings.
    How far into reboot is he too? Maybe he is experiencing flatline. It totally sucks doing all the hard work, but maybe you could ask him for naked cuddle time or massages or something intimate taking the emphasis off O and sex? You may just find he gets into it more and it happens anyway.
    I'm sorry you have to go through this!
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  4. Kenzi

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    How long is he in reboot for?
    Just agree it could be Flatline possibly.

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