First no-physical-touch 100% erection in recent memory!

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    Hey guys, this is taken from my journal, which can be seen here:

    I'm pretty happy about it, and I think it qualifies for 'mini success story'! All about spreading the optimism and small successes.


    Potentially triggering if ridiculous descriptions and metaphors for erections trigger you.

    I was reading about PE and kegels (more on that later), and I was looking into sympathetic, parasympathetic, mental and psychical stimulation etc. and after I finished reading, I decided to try to, instead of in the past where it would only happen with physical touch, see if I could get an erection with just relaxation and focusing energy in that area.

    I didn't fantasise or even kegel (voluntary or otherwise). If anything, there was a light reverse kegel waiting in response to an involuntary kegel. The main focus was relaxation and breathing.

    Within about thirty seconds, I was greeted with a 100% erection. It was like I'd just munched about 75 pills. It was like a metallic bastion of freedom and optimism, a Viking's sword raised for battle. My first without physical stimulation since I can remember, and my first 100% without pills since I can remember.

    What happened next?

    A relapse of course...

    .... Did not happen! Come on guys! I'm in this for the long haul. I greeted him, welcomed him back into my life and took it as a premonition of the future.

    I'll be conducting no more 'experiments'. They're just not necessary now I know there's no physical ED or anything.

    Feeling powerful.

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    Hey man, any luck with treating these involuntary kegels still?

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    What did you suffer from before?

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