First nocrutnal emission at day 45 (Weird color, first thread)

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    :emoji_confetti_ball:FIRST THREAD ON THIS FORUM EVERYBODY:emoji_confetti_ball:
    With that out of the way, I just wanted to say that I made it all the way to day 45 WITHOUT EJACULATING in what was my third attempt without counting my consecutive relapse cycle. I think what helped my prevent release was keeping myself busy, always indulging in creative endeavours and working out HARDER than ever before:emoji_lifter:.​

    It wasn't until this morning that I had my first wet dream. This last two days I failed to meditate and Kegels which I think also contributed to my retention so maybe I should be more consistent on those. What I noticed and has me kind of worried to be honest is that my load had a strange colour, it was mostly white but it also had a brownish or yelowish side mixed with the rest. Tell me if someone who has retained for so long can relate or I should be more worried than I am. Honestly I am not going around it that much because I googled it and I don't suffer from any symptoms of STDs, prostate cancer or high blood pressure like painful peeing or rashes. So what do you think? Should I get it checked?

    Other than that I'm still going at it, keeping my mind in check, feeling those good ole benefits baby.​
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    Good for you bro, i had 73 days without fap and my semen was literally imploding so i decided to release it. I also had yellow semen, it mean that it is full of spermatozoon (really fertile). In fact if you cum everyday your semen status would mean "subfertile".
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    Well in my first try nofap(86 days), i gained a greyish, jelly, thick and alot of sperm after ejaculation. I told my doctor and he said i progressed greatly. When i still fap daily or three days once. Its watery and only white.

    I just hope my fertility increasing. Consumed zinc daily tho
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    You can also try Folic Acid. It help to increase your fertility.
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    gokshura/ashawaganda and zinc supplement + vitamin E
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