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  1. Hey guys,
    i'm 19 y/o and i'm pretty sure i suffer from porn addiction. I joined NoFap cause i need help dealing with it. I started masturbating when i was 11 y/o, started porn around 14. Since then it gotten a bit out of hand. I can't get off to most of the stuff i watch anymore, three times a day has become the norm, not the exception.
    When i talk to girls i like, i do it half hearted, happier when they dont act on my attempt, because then i can go home, watch porn and even use it as an excuse for continuing porn. I have also noticed that my mood depends alot on masturbation/porn.
    When i feel down or am stressed i tend to jerk off a lot. Every night before sleep, i jerk off. I've always been a procrastinator, m/o didn't help. Always in mid work, i get strong urges and, i guess you know the drill by now. I started to try out new kinks, after the old ones became less and less of an option for orgasm. But this made me only feel more uncomfortable, i always think of them when im busy, feeling ashamed of myself, thinking ,,how can one watch that/do that?", just to come back to them as soon as urges occur. I tried to stop a couple of times, longest run was two days. The worst thing was that after a while, i could'nt even imagine sex with a beautiful girl without implementing them into weird porn fantasies, cause otherwise it would simply not arouse me, leading to some weird situations/expectations.

    Long story short, i don't blame porn as being the only problem in my life, like when that is solved everything is, but because of it i dont even start working on the other weaknesses i have. I'm glad that NoFap exists and hope to find some advise here and meet people, who have the same problem.

    Sincerely MichaelCerasPants
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  2. Septimus

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    Welcome, MichaelCerasPants, I'm glad you're here. Keep coming back!
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  3. It gets worse. Focus on building your mental strenght. Focus .
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  4. Thanks guys for the welcome and the first tips!

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