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    Hi, I am an 18y/o who has been addicted to porn for 6 years.

    Started from simple curiosity, then amplified by my father who watched it himself and basically encouraged it.

    University has been a great way to reinvent myself, and this is the last part of my old self and my old life I want to get rid of, but it's been much harder than I thought.

    I'm also in therapy for childhood PTSD, and I worry that the anxiety that comes with porn addiction is amplifying it; I've been more aggressive, short-tempered, I've been dissociating more often, zoning out, getting panic attacks... the list goes on.

    I hope this works, wish me luck.
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    Ánimo.....los estados de ánimo son una lucha....y el PMO sin duda los amplifican...Lee en el foro y aprende de otros.... Verás que te sentirás motivado, a principio de este año no podía estar sin faping 5 días de una semana , a lo q me uni al foro....pase de 2 semanas y voy rumbo a mi mejor racha.... Aunq lucho con la Depresión y una separación...
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    Thanks, if you could get a 15 day streak while battling with depression, I can do the same.

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