First thirty days under my belt after two years of using nofap. Never been better!

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    I started this journey back in 2018 at 17 after seven years of PMO, I hated it I never felt good about my self my mood was terrible and ultimately never had any confidence in my self. I’d always make excuses for my self over it “I’ll quit later.” “When I get a girlfriend.” “When I move out.” etc... but I never did. Lying to my self over my own problems caused a lot of strain on me looking back. I had heard of nofap for awhile but it seemed too weird for me “Why would I do that I can stop whenever without others knowing.” But I eventually cracked and decided to make an account in August 2018. First few weeks had quite a bit of failures not realizing just how bad my addiction was. Three day streaks we’re the best I could do and while I was proud I knew I could do better. Even on nofap I’d make excuses “three strikes and then it counts” never wanting to take accountability for my self. 2019 was better slightly, hit a ten day streak during it but the peak was quickly followed by a deep hole of PMO. I made more of a concious effort to stop but I used this site less and less and would forget to hold my self accountable. 2020 rolled around and I did do much better even while PMO I truly realized my problem and did more to avoid anything to do with it especially when more news of the industry and its exploitation surfaced. 3-5 streaks were more common as well as seven day streaks. I hit my PR back in August-September of two weeks. I felt great, but even then I still relapsed and regretted it badly. Caved in a bit more but eventually rebounded and started to limit it more and more. Then comes December the start of my thirty days, I had held my self more accountable than ever making sure to reset day counters, limit exposure, and not dwelling on thoughts. As it happened the last time the wave of shame had hit and I truly realized what needed to be done. I deleted anything related to it, accounts shutdown, and never entertaining the thoughts. The changes I noticed was more encouragement to keep it going. My self confidence shot up, my confidence in all my actions has shot up, my mood is happy not shackled down, My faith has gone up. I no longer objectified women like I once had, women became much more prettier all around personality and looks. My drive for self improvement has gone up, I’ve lost weight, eat better, and overall have way more energy. I was able to talk to women without feeling so insecure about my self, going on multiple dates with the current (and only) woman Im talking to. For years I was too shy, to scared, too insecure. Not anymore. This streak may not be the longest yet, but I’ve never felt better. Its been a long journey with a lot of setbacks, but Im glad I’ve started climbing this mountain of self improvement. Just remember we’re all gonna make it bros.
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    well done my friend your new life just started, keep going and enjoy
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  3. Good story! Thx for sharing it. Yeah pmo is a trap. Keep up the hard work and pursue your dreams.
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    Really good story, thank you for sharing. It helps me to continue fighting against the extreme urges I feel sometimes during this journey
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    You should be proud of yourself, many quit after failing a few times and realizing how difficult this actually is. But you didn't give up, held yourself accountable, and fought for such a long streak!
    Cheers and keep it up
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    Setbacks my come, but remember that we´ve a choice and can own our beingness!
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    Well done man this is very inspiring. I'm struggling too much on this bro and this truly inspired me.

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