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    Well here I am. I never expected to be on the Nofap website, but after being on here for a while and reading other guy's stories on their own experience with porn addiction I thought I'd share mine. I started masturbating at age 10. I still remember the feeling. I felt a sense of freedom and I felt immense satisfaction. At age 13 I watched porn for the first time and I felt on top of the world. This feeling did not last long as the dopamine hit I got from porn became weaker and weaker, so I started watching porn more often, sometimes 3 times per day. I felt miserable and I realized that I had a problem. I stumbled upon some Nofap and Semen Retention Videos, while scrolling through YouTube and I decided then and there to quit porn. Unfortunately my willpower and discipline was not as strong as I hoped and I relapsed within a few hours of making my commitment. I tried again and again, feeling all the more guilty every single time I relapsed. After relapsing about a dozen times I knew I needed help. I went to a psychologist, who gave me some great tips on quitting porn and within about 2 months I went from watching porn three times per day, to once every few days, with a record of 5 days Nofap. I felt much more energetic and better about myself. I am now more confident and I don't feel as much guilt anymore. Although I am proud of myself for making it this far I still am relapsing every 3-4 days, though to be fair, when I relapse I am not doing it to porn as much and I now mostly use photos and my imagination, although porn sneaks in every week or so. I am using these threads as a way to hold myself accountable and maybe later on, give some other men with porn addiction some advice on how to quit, as I know how horrible it feels to be addicted to the filth. I am currently on my 2nd day of Nofap and I have set some very strict rules for myself. I would love to give advice, but I feel I am not the position to yet as, as I said before I am only on day 2. I am doing the No Masturbating and No Porn version of Nofap.
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