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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TheGreatOne261, Aug 23, 2022.

  1. TheGreatOne261

    TheGreatOne261 Fapstronaut

    JUST AS A HEADS UP I TALK ABOUT WHAT P I WAS ADDICTED TO… so read at your own will!!!

    So to start things off I’m very new to this nofap thing. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been fapping for a good 7-8 years and when I first started off watching porn it was normal porn. Then over the years I fell into the hentai hole. After that I moved into anal porn mixed with hentai. Then I started to go into fetish porn and I fell DEEP into that hole and started to watch a lot of (in my current opinion) weird fetish stuff. Recently I started to watch some that had me Realize I was on the edge of no return so about a week ago I’ve stopped all fapping. In the past I’ve kinda done NoFap and I would last a few days then go back (never knew what nofap was) and other days I would O multiple times but a normal day for me was to O 1 time a day. With all this being said I was wondering if I could get some answers to my questions. Also as I’m writing this it’s been a week of no MO and some P but I’ll explain what my thoughts process was/is.

    Question 1: What is a flatline/ flatline period.

    sense I started NoFap I’ve noticed that my penis doesn’t look as big but I’m a lot harder and able to stay hard for alot longer. I also want to point out I have always gotten morning wood and do not have ed/pied. Will it go back to its normal side/increase?

    Before I get into my 2nd question I know that all porn is bad for you and will fuck you up but from my pov I’ve been addicted to fetish porn for a while and in the past week of hard no PMO I’ve started to only look at up close pictures of pussy when im like super horny. My reason for this is to get my brain used to it because I’ve watched weird shit for so long and get me in the habit of getting hard when I do see it. So I would like peoples opinion on this. I do NOT touch when I do look at the pictures and I understand the risk of relapsing but sense my head is messed up I figured this would help.

    Question 2: Is what I stated above a good idea to try and would this help rewire my brain faster?

    One of my last things I want to talk about is that I just started college a weeks ago and I’ve already been talking to infinitely more girls then I ever had. I also noticed that my sex drive is way up along with my confidence. I’ve always fantasized about girls but not to the extent I’m doing now. I rarely think about the weird fetish stuff but it’s still there.

    Question 3: If you are doing no PMO how does it work if your having sex? Does the same rules of no PMO apply or is it deferent because it’s actual sex and not your hand.

    Thank you to the people that read and comment on this. This is also my first time on a forum page so I just wrote everything out.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2022

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