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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by IrishMoPatch, Feb 1, 2019.

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    so I just found this group on Wednesday, and have been PMO since Wednesday. I’m a gay married man, so really only looking to stay PM during this. I’ve always enjoyed looking at porn and masturbating, during college it started becoming more of an issue, as I would fap instead of studying whenever I was alone.
    Last year I started working from home and realized just how much porn and masturbation was taking over! I would spend a few hours in morning lookin g at porn/being on chat sites and just bating! I’m finally fed up with it and hoping this community will give me the courage and strength to finally abstain from PM!

    Any advice/guidance or kinda words are appreciated!
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    Welcome to NoFap. Try to control your gaze. When you're watching TV or a movie and you see a man that's attractive to you, look away from the screen. When you're at a book store, you know that there will be magazines with men with no shirts on, so don't go down that aisle. If you're at a gym, there will be men working out with skimpy clothes on, so don't at them. If you can control your gaze, you will have a much easier time abstaining from PM.
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