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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by dogeatdog, Dec 19, 2019.

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    5. Should I warm-up before working out and if so what are some good warm-ups to do?
    you should definitely do a warm up before working out because it will prevent a lot of injuries.
    Just do 5 to 10 min of cardio before working out
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    1. make sure That you perform the exercises correct before adding weight.
    2. for strength exercises you should do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps.
    3. If you perform the exercises correct you should add extra weight (2 to 5 kilograms)every week or two.
    4. If you want to gain muscle you have to eat a lot of protein and take in more calories (200)than you need in a day(bulking)
    5. If you want lose weight (burn fat) you have to take in less calories(200) than you need and you have to eat a lot of protein so that your body doesn’t break down your muscles.(cutting)
    6. Don’t do cardio for too long if you do it for to long it increases your cortisol level which will have a bad effect on your body: lower testosterone
    7. If you’re just starting out you should do a full body program for a few months and train 3x days a week
    8. If you get more advanced you should do a upper/lower split(first day upper body second day lower body) 4x times a week and then you should also incorporate isolation exercises( bicep curls, tricep extensions)
    9. Exercise is just 50% of getting in shape and the other half is nutrition.
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    1. If I want to lose weight, is the gym the right idea and if so what machines or weights do I go on? the treadmill is your best bet. also jump roping helps. remember its the calories you burn that matter most, not the intensity.
    2. For losing weight, should I eat before or after going to the gym? eat after. you will be hungry afterward, so best wait until after a good workout.
    3. What are some reliable exercises that build arm muscles. chinups, dumbell curl, tricep extension.
    4. Is it normal that I can lift 8 kilograms with my arms but can barely benchpress the bar (around 10 kilos)? just means you have a weak chest.
    5. Should I warm-up before working out and if so what are some good warm-ups to do? i always do a 15 minute low intensity cardio before working out. it will get the blood flowing through you.
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    There is a lot of information available on the web and a lot of advice too. Do the research and learn as much as you can. Ignore anyone who says ‘in just ten days’ or ‘in just twelve weeks’ or ‘with this one trick’.

    It is not possible to target any one part of your body for fat loss. There are a lot of fitness claims that are disputed by opposing opinions. This is one of the rare ones that everyone with knowledge of exercise physiology agrees on. You can target a specific body part for muscle growth but not for fat loss.

    Fat loss only happens if you burn more calories than you eat. Period.

    You can run all day. Lift. Eat no carbs. Eat keto. Eat only between 2pm and 4pm. Eat only after exercise. Eat no bread or past or cake or cookies. None of it matters if you eat more calories than you burn. You will still gain weight. Period.

    And none of it matters if you eat less than you burn. You can ignore all the trendy routines and Instagram trends and as long as you burn more calories than you eat you’ll lose weight. Period.

    Honestly, take whatever money you have after basic necessities and hire a personal trainer. Not an Instagram model. And not someone from a discount gym who looks like they know more about where to get a good slice of pizza than they do about exercise programming. There is really nothing that can give you a better quality of life than having a well conditioned, strong, healthy body.

    Good luck
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    1. Weight is managed in the kitchen really. Working out can help a lot but it's important to eat slightly fewer calories than you need.
    2. You should eat as often as you want to. I eat 4 times a day. I started working out 1 and a half years ago and lost 11 kg (24 pounds) since then although my muscles are bigger.
    3. My advice is that you follow just 2 guidelines: don't do anything that is unsafe or can cause injury, for example, if something you're doing feels odd on some joints, don't do it. And 2, only do what will keep you working out because this is something for life so don't force yourself too hard and end up quitting. You'll be better off going slow and keep doing it.
    4. I can bench only about 1/3 of what I can lift so don't worry about that.
    5. I don't know the best warm-up but what I do is whatever exercise I want to do but with a lower weight. I do this for each different exercise to make sure I worm the needed muscles.

    I still need to lose about 10 kg (22 pounds) of fat but also gain maybe like 30 kg (66 pounds) of muscles so my advice is only good if you're willing to spend like 5 years reaching your goals. That is fine for me as it takes little effort and I'm in no rush as I have no interest in women...hence why I'm on this website trying to fix myself...
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    To be short and to the point, I suggest you work with kettlebells dynamically, instead of using specific muscle group machines - these always lead to injuries, inevitably.
    Kettlebells can be used to train pretty much anything and handling them dynamically works entire body.
    Do not get hooked on this training mentality, people always fall in to this, increasing reps, eventually supplements, then they get really good at repeating what "professionals say"
    Goal for training is to push your body and maintain good shape, kettlebells are one of the most effective ways to do that and you naturally develop coordination, stamina and strength across the entire body.
    Chance for injury is very low and all you need are 2-3 bells. Properly throwing and catching 5 kilo bell will have your entire body working in a way that is just not possible with machines.
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    Thanks for the overwhelming support and tips, fellas. It's leg day today and I'm gonna make sure to do 10 minutes of cardio then push myself to the limit!

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