First Time Trying To End My Addiction With Help

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Ti_22, Apr 14, 2015.

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    I am still young, so whenever I initially went to people and asked for help on the subject, I was told that is normal for men my age to experience excessive masturbation because of our recent puberty growth spurt. So I brushed it off, but when I decided to quit, I couldn't. I'm sure everyone here understands that when that drive is opened, it's hard to close, it becomes animalistic and suddenly all we care about is that chemical fix (or orgasm but really orgasms are mainly chemicals being released in the brain). So everyday I go through this animalistic drive to obtain self pleasure and it's not from loneliness or just having the urge, for me it's the climax I'm looking for. Then when I obtain it, that climax quickly turns into guilt, and shame. I end up feeling like I... I don't know how to describe it; failed?

    Anyways, I'm here for the support and to support others. Today marks Day 1. This time hopefully I'll be more successful than my previous attempts to quit. This time I'm actually seeking additional help instead of believing I can kick the habit on my own.
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    Dude... you can do this! We are all here to help... We understand how hard it is and the heavy burden of the guilt and shame... Today is the day you take control of your life... its worth all the effort! Hang tuff! Stay busy... and replace the bad with something good!
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    We're all here for you, keep on the straight and narrow!

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