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    So, I messed up my streak earlier today and it upset a particular part of my mental illness that centers around my self-image and my body confidence. Even though it is not as severe as wanting to cut up my face or something-something-plastic-surgery, I do believe that I have body dysmorphia.

    The obvious activities to offset those feelings are sexual interactions with my partner and working out. However, I feel like I am at a halt with my progress with the latter. See, my dysmorphia has to do with my brain telling me that I am not fit or muscular enough. I weigh about 140-145 and have very little in terms of body fat. I lift weights for 20-25 minutes MWF. I also have a self-imposed diet that I occasionally break from (vegetarian, but I eat fish once in a while).

    Is there any advice that people have for better fitness? Are there any good books for this kind of stuff? If anybody does fitness training, bodybuilding, etc. your insight would be especially helpful. I really want to build muscle and confidence in my own body because it is honestly really bothering me.
  2. Hello @Keys2TheCastle,

    From a psychological standpoint, to me what it sounds like is really going on here is an issue of self-esteem, which is a very common issue among those addicted to porn and masturbating. Now, I'm not ignoring the possibility that it may be more than that, but please do consider that possibility before taking any more extreme measures.

    Obviously, I'm not aware of your history as far as trying to quit porn and masturbating, but I'm going to assume that you're streak wasn't a very long time. So, here's my two cents. Build up a pretty good streak on NoFap, as in at least a month, and see how you're feeling by that point. You may find that it's at least related in part to your porn use and masturbation.

    If you want to just go with the workout route, I would suggest getting together a workout routine. Ask around, and see what people have to say as far as a workout routine goes. What I've found seems to work the best for most people I've talked to is to have a consistent workout routine, and one that works as many different muscles as possible. Sometimes there are separate days for upper, and lower body, etc. Things like that.

    Hope this helps, and good luck man! :D
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    I'm not an expert in this dept. but I do believe I have some good advice - based on my experience which is similar to yours.

    I've had some serious body image issues in the past as well - and they pop up from time to time.

    I have what is called "pectus excavatum" which some refer to as a "sunken chest."

    Obviously, it's crushed my self-esteem in the past - knowing I'll never have a huge barrel chest that women rave over. Other mock men me as well - saying things like "hole-in-the-chest" or "football chest" etc.

    But yet years ago I started hitting gym. I put on a little bit of muscle (say 15lbs) and to be honest, usually feel pretty good about my body.


    Simple - because I know I worked for it. Even though my chest isn't perfect, I still have a relatively masculine figure having developed some arms and shoulders. And I like knowing that I invested in myself. I think I feel better about my "imperfect", but yet "worked on" body than others feel about their "normal" but neglected body.

    And women can sense it. Women are always trying to detect confidence in people. So when they see that I feel great about my body it puzzles them... "how can this guy be so confident..?" etc etc.

    Now it's not always peaches and cream but you get the idea.

    OK. Enough about me ;-)

    Here's the practical advice for you:

    Lift heavy. This doesn't mean you should kill yourself the first day in. What I mean is the exercises you do, are by nature, heavy types of lift. This means compound exercises; not isolated exercises. Here, heavy refers to the style of exercise - not the amount of weight.

    That means:

    Live in the squat rack. Deadlifts. Squats. Bench. Pullups. Honest-to-gawd if I did only those 4 exercises starting in high school, I'd look like a fucking a gorilla on horse steroids by now. I'm dead serious. Stay away from machines and isolated exercises. Those are designed to fill gyms with equipment - not to turn you into the manly stud that God destined you to be. lol.

    If you don't have access to weights, or if your body is slightly injured, may I suggest bodyweight compound exercises. This means pushups (I love hindu pushups), bodyweight squats, and pullups.

    Best part about all of this?

    Despite what you might've heard, heavy lifting routines shouldn't take more than what you're already doing: 20-25 minutes. Three times a week or so. No more.

    Best books I've ready on the subject:

    Get Serious by Dr. Brett Osborne. Cheesy looking title. Killer book. First book that showed me the truth. His conclusion? Mediterranean Diet + Heavy lifting = success.

    Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe - A classic and must-read for anyone interested in physical culture.

    Anything by Martin Berkham - the "High Priest" of Intermittent Fasting and a killer weight lifting in his own right. The leangains blogs is fucking gold.

    Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik. This shit will get your blood boiling to pack on the poundage - I'm talking about big strength gains too. I just finished the famed "super squat" routine and it almost fucking killed me. But it's worth it.

    The only thing I can't give you advice on is eating (I'm not a veg). That said, you don't need to go overboard with the diet stuff. I never counted calories or anything and still got good results. Just stay close to the Mediterranean diet, don't eat junk, lay off the soy, and try to eat about 70 grams of protein every day (that should be good for your body weight).

    In one week you'll notice results.

    In a month they'll be very noticeable.

    In three months. other people will notice.

    And in a year from now, you won't even recognize yourself.

    Now go get em' tiger!

    Oh yeah - ps cardio is overrated
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