Five Months Ago....

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by britaxe, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Five months ago my thoughts on a daily basis swam in a cesspool of porn, sex, masturbation, fantasy and constant sexualisation.

    Today my thought processes are so much more different and along the way I have learned many things which I'll list below.

    I've learned that:
    I don't need to be aware of the constant passage of time to have a productive day.
    I don't need to sexualise women to communicate with them.
    I Don't need to watch porn for personal pleasure
    I Can live without masturbating.
    I Can control my internet use.
    Sex is better than masturbation will ever be.
    Porn is not real life
    Society is way to sexualised
    Sex chat fantasy fucks with the mind
    I can live without mainstream TV
    I will not die if my internet is not connected
    I can survive the night without my cellphone next to my bed
    I can talk to women without being sexual in any way
    I have self respect
    I have will power
    I have More energy and focus
    I do not need to be hyper sexualised with sex on the mind all the time.
    I am far more attractive to the opposite sex being free from PMO

    It has taken months to get this far, I've worked really hard, been very determined and I know relapse, if I don't keep my guard up CAN happen, this i am under no illusion with.

    With willpower, determination, focus and a WANT to change your lifestyle, things will change for the better. All it takes is commitment, resolve and focus to be the best version of yourself right now.
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    very good and motivated
    we need such an amazing people who are committed with their tasks
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    You're free from your own chains, congratulations dude!
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  4. Rav70

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    Keep it up Britaxe! Proud of you!
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  5. Anti-Porn Army Soldier

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    Excellent progress
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