Flat Earth is Driving Me Mad... I mean, madd-ER...

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    I didn't even read the replies because this conspiracy theory is a larger joke than a certain pandemic.

    Flat Earth, Q-anon, Wayfair, and perhaps pizzagate are blatant psyops that take credibility away from actual conspiracy theories. Mind you aren't conspiracy theories in the tinfoil hat sense, but conspiracy in the criminal sense.

    Look up the origin of the term conspiracy theorist and who created it.
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  2. Why would they lie about it? What is the motive?
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    Yes who created the therm "conspiracy theorist" is wide know. That's illogical because who do conspiracy theories aren't people that belive Iraq didn't had mass destruction weapons but who does these conspiracies. They convinced the populations that Iraq had these weapons despite they didn't, and make Iraq a shithole. Similar situation for Lybia, probably the most wealthy country of Africa destroyed by USA with stupid reasons, what they do just started 12 years of chaos, but without gheddaffi they were able to start the illegal immigration market. I mean you can't even confutate, you need to stay silent and obey.
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    Since they are pathological liars (without these sociopath traits you'll not become politician or whatever) i'll not be surprise if we discover that earth is flat. They did 2 years of liars, every single day, and even today with the war they are lying so much with divinize their allies. If before the sociopathy of governments was intuitive, now it is evident.
  5. Control.
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    I will just say to you that our governaments are just factorues and governors simple administratiob that work for someone else. For them we are just numbers/workers, like bugs, and they are the first slaves because if you make a psychologic test they will be immediatly interns them inside an asylum, they use them because they are so stupid ando use them instead with people with spirit because no one with mental healt will do what they do. They know no ethic, no laws, they bypassed the constitutions like it was normal (we seen during the pandemic how many time the constitutions have been bypassed and they choosed to stay silent, policeman are ignorants and you had to show him the exactly international tractates and statal laws if you didn't want to wear that elastic mutanda on your face). So they work for someone else and lied. They will always lie because they have no spirit and do whatever they tell them to do without hesitation, and i'm not talking about that Flat Earth question i'm talking of other things.
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    The earth is not flat dude, no need to do math, common sense is enough.
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    I feel like people don't ask this question nearly enough. They come up with all these conspiracy theories and all I can think is, why? What is the motive for the people they claim are making something up? What does anyone have to gain from convincing everybody the earth is spherical if it's not? That just makes no sense.
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    This comment is interesting to me. I'm curious, are you religious? Christian, perhaps?

    If so, you might be interested in Isaiah 40:22. You also might be interested in this video:

    If you're not a Christian, you probably don't care about what the Bible says about this. I just thought your phrasing of "false gods" seemed like a Christian-y thing to say.
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  10. So you want to attack my faith?
  11. Check out what you just wrote to me:


  12. Of what? What benefits come from controlling our understanding of Earth's shape or lack thereof?
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  13. So you are saying the government has lied?????

  14. This is a very long way of saying "I don't know".
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    Why do you reckon the earth is a perfect circle because it moves perfectly in space. Think about that . Also are you aware earth has gravity
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    And yours is just a short way to write random things rhat waste 10 seconds of everyone life.
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    Let me clarify. Increasing the radius does increase the force if you maintain the same period of rotation. Think of it like this, if you were on a mary-go-round that rotated once every day, you would feel almost no centrifugal force at all. Now in comparison, the earth has a much larger radius so even though the period of rotation is only once per day the surface speed is much higher which is why there is a small amount of centrifugal force, see post #32 where walk you thought the correct calculation.

    Can you please provide a source for your formula/equation??? Note that you won't be able to because your formula is incorrect!!!

    Once again, here is the correct formula and calcultion:

    Here is the centrifugal force formula : F=(m*v²)/R https://www.engineersedge.com/physics/centrifugal_force.htm
    Earth Radius(R) = 6,357,000m https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_radius
    Earth Surface velocity(v) = 460m/s https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-fast-is-the-earth-mov/
    Mass(m) = 100kg (weight of person)

    F=3.3N (newtons) centrifugal force on a 100kg person on the surface of the earth

    Because the person weighs 100kg and the downward force of gravity of 100kg is more than the upward centrifugal force 3.3N, the person stays firmly on the ground.
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    Lol what on earth? I don't think I've ever had someone misunderstand me so greatly.... please, tell me where on God's green earth I attacked your faith just now? I just asked you a freaking question. I'm a Christian so I was attempting to give you a faith-based argument for a spherical earth, but if you aren't a Christian, then I figured you probably wouldn't care about a faith-based argument. Which is why I asked if you are a Christian or not, so I know whether this argument would be useful to you or not.

    Geez louise. Idk how on earth you came to any kind of conclusion that I am attacking your faith. *facepalm* maybe you should read what people say instead of just jumping to assuming they are attacking you.
  19. They're not random, which you would have known had you had an attention span longer than 10 seconds.
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    Nice try, Galileo, but too late. You're not getting out of that cell.

    Por que no los dos?

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