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Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by fizzy89, Mar 26, 2019.

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    I will keep going, trying to never ever masturbate again and only having pleasure time with real girls not fake ones on the internet!
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    Hi @fizzy89 !

    Good. Keep going. Being apart from you gf is undoubtedly difficult. Instead of using electronics for unhealthy activities like PMO, use the technology to keep in touch with your gf. A surprise text or note from you will likely be well received ... especially if its just to check in on how she's doing or to send her an electronic bouquet of flowers !

    Stay well. Stay on course. You know what you need to do, and you know how to do it, so go forward !

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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    I want to tell you the story of my weekend.

    I went to see my gf who is currently away for a few months. This was the first time for 2 weeks that I saw her. During these 2 weeks I experienced a lot of improvements as mentioned in earlier posts of mine: regular morning wood, increased libido and spontaneous erections (although never full on boners).

    I was really looking forward to seeing as well as having sex with her! I was also very confident it would work fine :)

    But it didn't.

    She picked me up from the train station at night and we went to her place immediately. It didn't take long and we were making out. It came to the point when sex was the obvious next step but I couldn't get an erection. In fact, I couldn't get an erection already while making out... In the end it did work though, but only "by accident" as she was on top of me naked and since we never had that position before I was getting quite aroused by that and it work with a kind of half boner. Unfortunately she didn't like this position at all, as it is always very painful for her. So I was feeling bad afterwards because of this.

    Obviously I was also frustrated and confused why I couldn't get a boner in the first place after thinking a lot about having sex with her the days prior to that!

    Next day we went swimming and for some strange reason I had boners regularly. Full on boners when she was on too of me, sex would have been absolutely no problem! But since it was a public swimming pool we had the decency of not moving ahead. Maybe it was the thrill of it, that was getting me aroused?

    Later on that day we tried sex twice at her place, both times no boner at all! Nothing! Just my flabby cock against her vagina. It was awful!!! I could have sunk in shame.

    Next day was even worse... We tried sex several times and it gotten to a point when I was scared of another attempt and succedent failure on my part.

    I am back on my own again and I have not yet recovered from this horrible experience... No libido, no morning wood, no erections... This feels worse than ever before!

    The worst thing though... I could get an erection just fine while we were in a public swimming pool but not when she is naked in a bed in front of me... Does this mean that my gf naked in a bed is "too boring" for my cock? Conditioned by porn?

    I am 100 days porn free but I feel I am back at day one. :(

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