Flatline? Help please!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by johntitor96, Jul 8, 2019.

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    Hey, Fapstronauts

    So i got to know a girl while attempting nofap. I got to know her through a concert organized by my vocals teacher in which every student performed a song. Since she takes classes as well i saw her at the concert, we got to talk and eventually when I was driving home my friends i dropped her at her house and we decided it would be fun to hang out together sometimes.
    This was 2 months ago, meanwhile i got to know her better and hang out with her friends and was once over at her house jamming together (my main instrument is the guitar). I feel like she's really special, has the same taste and love for music and is quite similar to me in many other ways. Now i really like her and we met up this saturday. The evening was great but during she said something that put me somehow off and thought she has not the least bit of interest in me. I was depressed like hell the whole evening and the day after i realized (with the help of a trusted person) that it didn't at all mean what i thought (i am an extremely huge overthinker) and there was no special meaning whatsoever.
    Now the problem is since sunday I do not feel anything when I see her (had a jammin session with her and my sis on sunday), which worries me a hell because i don't want it to end like this.
    My question is if this could be also due to the misterious flatline? I'm 10 days in to nofap (PMO) after countless trials, and with the whole love thing it felt really effortless the whole last week (i wouldn't even feel like abstaining from anything) , but now I'm really depressed because I'm feeling like it may be better to just relapse instead of feeling nothing ...
    Also i don't know if it could be the flatline since i have normal morning wood.

    So my question is: Is it possible that this sudden lack of feelings is due to the flatline of nofap or am I just a huge overthinker and got over it on saturday evening just because i felt like there's nothing there on her side?

    Sorry for the long post and thanks for anyone taking the time to read it and help :)
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    Most likely a combination of various factors, including what you’ve mentioned and other things going on in your life like generally just being more emotional after meeting a woman you like.

    Chances are high that if you’re an over thinking type that is having an impact on how you feel... I’ve been there and can relate. There may well be something that she feels for you, but feelings generally take longer to develop for women so I wouldn’t let one night get you down buddy!
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    Thanks man,

    I realized that over the week I was really confused, but somehow really concerned about what she thinks about me. I guess your right and I'll just take my time to figure out.

    Thanks for taking your time and cheering me up!
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    Yeah man I would experience this on and off during my last relationship, I will tell you that if you keep it up and do decide to get intimate it will be awesome.

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