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  1. wanted to ask what your guys thoughts are am i in flatline.

    On day 66. urges now comimg back but coming from a place of bring alone. Still get morning wood sometimes but have been feeling really depressed these last few days. Plus im more tired then usuale just want to sleep more and more. (big part of me sleepimg much i contributrle to my heavy lifting (into strength so always pushing my body) but this is to mu h.)

    i belive im not in flatline yet but that it is close.

    So what you guys thi k?

    Also editing this haha want to say my motivation for everything is gone these last few days kust want to lay in bed and do nothing. now im in the gym and have to do heavy deadlifts and i feel i dont want to be here

    Also i have been very angry lately snappimg at people amd cursimg hard
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    Hey its ok, i feel it right know if i dont had a good orgasm for 3 or 4 days my happiness goes down too, so its perfectly ok. I would suggest that you do the 90 days and then masturbate. We are human beings, and we to be touched from time to time. The longer i go without hugs, touching, or masturbation the more depressed i get, its totally normal. So skin contact, hugging, touching with other humans will definitly make you happier.

    I would suggest you to be really really careful about your sleeping behaviour. When i had really heavy depression, i slept 12-14 hours could not go to university or do anything and i was still sleepy. Be careful about that. Try to do things you love our give you pleasure. Like take a hot bath, go swimming, no videogames! ( that does not count as relaxation or fun), go talk to your friends or do whatever you like.

    If you are depressed and feel angry thats great! As a man thats truly great! Those are the first signs you get out of your depression, congratulations! Do not try to hold them back, but keep in mind to treat your friends, family and other human beings well. Do not do to others, what you would not want to happen to yourself. Use your aggression to get out of depression and kick lift those heavy weights

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