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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by highD, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. highD

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    The process of rebooting is a challenge in itself, abstaining from habits (vulgar) and lucrative content is all about dealing with flatlining and staying strong on the purpose is what people say. However, what exactly is Flatline and its affects on human body and brain no one tells.

    This is a thread to discuss about your Flatline issues, which can be dealt with proper support from community and knowledge base. Lets have a proper flatlining and take on the monotonous task with curious and enthusiastic energy which is what we call, ADDICTION REPLACEMENT STRATEGY!!!
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  2. When All Light Dies

    When All Light Dies Fapstronaut

    I never had a flatline. But then again, I never did hard mode for more than 2-3 weeks.
    By that time, I usually was too horny and would install a dating app and get me a girl for intercourse :)

    However, sex always brought me back to pmo because of the chaser effect. So this time I decided to try hard mode.
    Let's see of the infamous flatline gets me this time.
  3. Might_Stag_Beetle

    Might_Stag_Beetle Fapstronaut

    The best way to describe my flatline is "unmotivated" flatline is actually a blessing in disguise for me, because I lose the urge to masterbate, which makes nofap easier.
    Most think flatline last forever, but it doesn't, when I'm outta flatline i feel amazing.
  4. highD

    highD Fapstronaut

    What is the Chaser effect leads to mentally?
  5. highD

    highD Fapstronaut

    But doesnt it drive to relapse?
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  6. UnitedWeStand

    UnitedWeStand Fapstronaut

    Chaser effect makes you want more dopamine rushed. You can get it after one relapse to porn or even after sex and it can lead you to relapse or binge. I was having this after i somehow fixed my pied and i was having sex. Now i get no chaser effect.
    After flatline you will experience high libido and high urges at the same time. If you persist on flatline and get out of it without waiting long enough to go away on itself ( You can get out of it faster by having an orgasm but this isnt good and send you backwards as flatline is there to heal-believe me) and then fight those hard urges you make serious progress. When i dealt with both of them successfully my pied was improving like 5-10% then next time i was having sex so i guess in these moments is where real cure exists!
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  7. highD

    highD Fapstronaut

    I think I was drawn into the flatline urges, just had a brilliant 15 day streak only to break it for the urge of build up of sexual energy.
    This time I will be more aware of the flatline urges and how they are affecting me.
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  8. ewerson18

    ewerson18 Fapstronaut

    The worst thing in flatline = no libido, dead dick, shrinkage, no erections, no morning woods.
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  9. vril

    vril Fapstronaut

    Well, reading it in the NoFap dictionary, "flatlining" refers to a period where you have no libido. I would say my flatline though is more like a lack of emotion.

    It hits around this period of time, somewhere after day 40.

    The process goes:

    - first two weeks are tough because of sexual urges and thoughts about porn
    - if I get past that two weeks, I enter what I call a genius phase. I'm very clear headed, rational, on top of my game. I tend to make rash decisions because I think I'm oh-so smart.
    - Around the four week mark, the genius phase subsides and I get another round of urges. This is usually when I feel like I am going to explode or go crazy if I don't PMO.
    - If I can make it through that round, I get to where I am now, which is this no-man's land.

    I would say that this phase is more of an intellectual struggle. I wonder why I am doing this, how does it actually benefit me, and I get real critical of the whole idea of recovery. At the same time, I get these notions like I really don't need porn and I don't have to masturbate every again if I don't want to. I get stuck in-between these thoughts, and in the meantime I have a hard time responding to what is going on around me. I'm just "there".

    I haven't gotten past this point, so I don't know what is next. If I were to guess, I think I would continue going through this cycle if I can abstain from PMO, eventually reaching a stage where PMO just doesn't have any interest to me any longer. I don't have to come up with reasons why I won't use porn the same way I don't have to come up with reasons why I won't go shopping for a purse. I just don't care and isn't a part of my reality.
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  10. highD

    highD Fapstronaut

    I think I just hit this stage way earlier. I had series of mega urges within 2-3 days span. Casual thoughts turning sexual and desires exploding, I had to release the tension and I relapsed. I need to find a way through this with the help of exercise or meditation.
    Your journey is a detail view of the process and was so inspirational. Stay strong!
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  11. Might_Stag_Beetle

    Might_Stag_Beetle Fapstronaut

  12. Might_Stag_Beetle

    Might_Stag_Beetle Fapstronaut

    I haven't had the urge to watch porn, so it hasn't led to relapse for me.
  13. highD

    highD Fapstronaut

    I am a different case however, I am not so addicted to porn rather just imaginative arousal and masturbation. Which drove me towards relapse 3days back.
    However, I learned something too important. THOUGHTS!! are the key forces for my arousal which is a bad way of life. Its like, I always get some pervy or sexy thoughts when I see a women. Such thoughts need to be succumbed when in the first occurrence otherwise they are gonna eat us out with exponential increase of lewd space.

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