Flatline threw me into the friend zone?

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by urbanmonk, Apr 17, 2019.

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    How's it going?

    I'm 18 years old and on day 62 of Hardmode. I'm only eating plant-based, work out everyday and meditate daily.

    I've received a lot of the "superpowers", until I hit a flatline on day 45. Suddenly I felt anxious, lethargic and sad. After 10 days that state passed.

    I decided to hang out with a girl I was talking to for a few weeks, and I was pretty sure that she's quite interested in me as well.

    We met up and she was a little shy, but cute. Still, even though I thought I had passed the flatline, I wasn't really touching her, or flirting with her. I just didn't feel that attracted to her. We didn't kiss that day.

    Next day I call her, to ask her out on another date and she agrees.

    A few hours before we would meet she texted me, saying that for her this wouldn't really be a date, but on a friendship level.

    I had no interest in being friendzoned, so I told her that we can't be friends, because she's way too pretty for that.

    Now what confused me is, that I was still getting friendzoned. That happened before, but back then I was on a PMO circle.

    This morning it hit me. I haven't had a boner in a week, so probably I'm still in a low sex drive/low libido flatline. I had no desire to kiss her or go further, so I didn't touch her or actively flirted with her.

    Does that make sense?

    PS.: How long does it usually need to get my libido back? It's quite frustrating, since due to being on 60+ women are eye-fucking me wherever I go, but I seem to be unable to build on that in the moment.
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    Yes it does make sense. It will probably take a few months, that's only a guess.
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    Did you go for the kiss, on the lips? If not then I think that's what might have tipped it. Always go for the kiss dude, if she turn the cheek, you'll know that she either sees you as a friend or she's playing by some stupid rule rule book.

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