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    Soooooo...I have managed to go through 40+ years of life without a addiction to drugs or alcohol, although I did smoke cigarettes for a period. I never thought of porn as an addiction. It is awesome, right? Porn used to be a fun distraction. Yes, it costs money and time and led to ever increasing kinks, but there was no problem, right? Obviously, I have been wrong all these years.

    Now porn is controlling my life. I work from home and have a great job, honestly. I now find that not only am I jerking off at night but now, I am during work hours a lot. I am ruining my life and it is only getting worse. The kicker is that the fact that I am ruining my life and turning it over to porn is a HUGE turn-on. Goddess porn is winning and owns me.

    The fact that I am on here and admitting it shows that I know deep down that I need help but I try to stop but my mind is filled with the need to bate and then the cycle starts all over again. I want to ruin myself and destroy my life for porn. FML. I am sure I am not the only one who has gone through such self-destructive tendencies so if anyone has advice, please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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    Hey there! you came to the right place, first of all remember that the control is in your hand.
    That means with time and dedication you can overcome those feels, it took me a while to stop M,when I started PMO it was almost unbearable but time does work, all you need to put is to remember your purpose , avoid anything that even might get you into looking at porn.
    Second, you can always watch success stories like those in this forum or on YouTube.
    good luck on the journey;)
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    I also worked from home and had a great job. PMO got worse in that environment. I was 40. I tried to quit and found I could not. I got honest with myself and realized I just loved P too much to stop. but I also knew that would be the end of the line for me if I stuck with it.

    I quit that job and become a plumber so I could get as far away from computers as possible. I spent two years away from electronics of all kinds. It helped. I am now six years into my journey of recovery. Not perfect yet, but it does get better.

    The choice of what to do next is yours. Radical lifestyle change is often required to beat this horrific addiction. We're here to support you.
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