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    The other day I heard this song by AREA21 and it resonated perfectly. What's cool, if you really think about it, is we live in a unique day and age where our greatest challenge is also our greatest opportunity: balancing our lives between the real life universe and the digital metaverse that's continually expanding. We can't ignore one world or the other, because the most powerful relationships between individuals and communities overlap between both. Where people get caught up is trying to live in one or the other exclusively for too long.

    We, as fellow Fapstronauts, our challenge as a team together is disconnecting from the fake relationships in the digital world and reconnecting with the real ones in real life. Sharing a digital world with someone we genuinely love and consistently see in real life is healthy; sharing it with someone we don't is not. That's how we rebalance; that's how we get back on track to living truly fulfilling, engaging, happy lives where freedom is abundant. Anyway, here my favorite lyrics from the song:

    I saw a pretty girl with my own eyes, not through a screen

    And she was more than 2D, if you know what I mean
    I started thinkin' with my own mind, not through machines
    And ever since I made that changе, the world is smilin' at me

    [Verse 2]
    All the places we could go
    When we're not stuck in a zone (zone)
    How are we free when we let algorithms take control?
    Tell me how are we supposed to vibe?
    When your life is your device
    Let me give you some advice...

    Go see a pretty girl with your own eyes, not through a screen
    'Cuz it's more clear than HD, when no glass in between
    I started thinkin' with my own mind, not through machines
    And ever since I made that change, the world is smilin' at me!

    "Followers" by AREA21

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