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    I'm coming up on my second week (Woohoo!), and I've noticed that I've been reaching for more junk food than normal. I'm normally a very clean eater but it just hit me today that I've been eating like crap lately. Has anyone experienced this during NoFap as well? I think maybe because I'm not getting the dopamine I'm used to from PMO, I'm looking for it in food, which I know isn't good. How do I deal with this?
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    This is not common at all... BUT cant be seen as surprise.... our brain is most unique thing in our body noone knows what it can do .. U left PMO ... as the result IT is happening to u.... may be due to Nofap.. BUT u should try to not eat.alot Junk food if Ur desire is to eat 3 pizzas a day then try to eat 2 pizzas.. and then gradually make 1 pizza .. then to eating healthy food .... Ur priority NOW should be on NoPMO streak .. after u get momentum . Then also add healthy diet in ur mission then add exercise ... and so on.....

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