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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by SpotlessMind24, Aug 13, 2016.

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    Please read all parts of this, to understand.

    Part 1
    In general we talk about addictions, but specifically we talk about porn and masturbation. Porn and Masturbation are both very strong addictions. The first step to get rid of any addiction is to reevaluate it. Its not addiction the problem, though the craving things lead to suffer, but the question is, why do we crave?
    Becouse we have a misunderstanding about the object of our desire. Its not that somehow we must to cut or destroy some kind of addiction, we just have to see clearly the object. The addiction to A B or C is becouse we dont understand them. If we just understood this thing as they were, we would not crave them. There is no theory, no dagma or brainwashing, simply understanding the things as they are is the key.

    Part 2
    When you say PMO is ruining your life, I suspect as other addictions, there is some surpression going on, some judgement regarding this things. PMO have to do with several things.
    The first one is a sense object, something what we see, smell etc. In case of PMO when you see a human body, it creates some sort of response, that lead to pleasant sensation. When you see something ugly it create and unpleasant sensation. But its not a simple pleasant sensation, it creates desire for the object, and you wanna more you wanna again, so it turns into what you need. This is what leads to addiction. It becomes a line formed from:
    Object - Sensation - Craving

    Part 3
    Looking at human body should not bring pleasant sensation, there is no conection, between looking at a naked human body and a pleasant sensation. The human body is just a human body, there should not be difference between looking at a human body and a monkey, fish, dog body. Becouse they have same anatomical structure basicaly. But becouse of overused line of Object - Sensation - Craving, it creates this addiction to human body.

    Part 4
    With wisdom we can easy overcome this. By simply understanding what is happening. We do this in several ways.
    1.We examine and analise the human body.
    So we can understand the misperception of desiring human body, to brake this connection, though we still may remain attached to pleasant sensation, but we broke the subjective connection between human body and those sensations. When you see a human body you start to understand there is nothing to crave for, becouse its just an object as many others for whom we dont crave, so we understand the illusion which we created ourselfs.

    Part 5
    A comparation to our illusions may be this:
    When we see someone teeths we may say, wow that are beautiful teeths. But when we take it what it real is, if a teeth will fall and will be in our hand, you will not say wow what a beautiful thing. Only a complexion of all teeths togheter smiling creates the illusion of beauty.
    The same concept is with human body, if you will see a human leg apart of human body you will not say wow beautiful leg. So human body is just and object formed from meet, bones etc. And definetly is not a thing which you must crave for.

    Part 6
    So instead of cutting and stoping from watching porn, a better decission will be to look at it, but without illusions, and understanding the fact this are 2 unknown people having sex into a pixelated box, the fact you was addicted to this was created in your mind. This is not something to crave. So becouse you dont find this as something what you need, you dont need it anymore, you get rid of it. So the relation Porn - Pleasant Sensation disapears, it wasnt real and you dont have to crave it. While just simply cutting the addiction will bring you back sooner or later in a stress situation.

    Part 7
    The next is the actual sensation (orgasm). We must broke conection between sensation and craving. Orgasm is pleasant. But this is mind blowing for most people.Why we need orgasm? Becouse its pleasant you will say, so we have this : its pleasant becouse its pleasant, but what if I tell you there are no benefits of feeling pleasant.
    When you examine this pleasure, you will find out you feel guilty after orgasm. So on one hand we believe pleasure is good, but on the other hand we feel masturbation is bad. So if we accept the fact that pleasant sensation is actually useless, the craving for it dissapears.

    Part 8
    So when we focus on this, we will gonna see, there is no reason to feel guilty and is no reason to like it. This is pleasure, and it is what it is. This will help to reduce both side, reduce the attachment, and reduce the feeling of being guilty.
    When a kid expects a gift on christmas, when is this tension involved, its such a powerful feeling. And then next christmas morning when the kid open the gift and he got what he want, but sudently the pleasure is gone, the desire is gone, the happines is gone. There is no desire for those objects anymore, the beautiful toy you want is there, play with it. But the desire for that is completly vanished.

    Part 9
    Accept and understand you are attached, you do like the feeling. Here is the parth where the guilt apears. We dont feel guilt for pleasure, we feel guilt becouse we desire and crave it. We really want to but we feel so guilty about it. A part of givin up this is to accept and understand that we want it. Why this must be given up? Not talking about sins, religion and so on. I am talking about stress. Its stressful, craving things is stressful and make you tension, when you want something is stressful . So when analise this things, you understand its not so beneficial and worthwhile.

    Part 10
    But if this pleasant sensation is useless why would we chasing after opossite sex? Its simple, becouse we need a person close to our spirit, and with whom in future we will make a familly and we will have kids. The orgasm from real sex is not the primordial thing when we pair with somebody, though we will have sex to show how important is the person for us, not becouse we crave the orgasm.

    This is a way to overcome addiction.
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    There is multiple ways to see this, but the way you see it works. there is a lot of rationalization in your "work" tho.

    Keep in mind that neurochemistry leads the way (dopamine addiction) and thats the brain's reward circuitry is causing us grief.

    We have "pavlovian" response to sexual triggers..
    We are wired for "mating" sex sadly....we have to work our way up to cuddling and bonding interaction....
    still, if you can help yourself with rationalization, that is nice. Knowledge is power.

    I really enjoy reading Cupid's poisoned arrow, its been quite the eye opener....I suggest the book to everyone in a relation ship or looking forward to it. But in the end, the content is worthwhile for all.
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    I disagree with this sentence.Its natures rule to mate and produce progeny. Every normal male will get aroused if he see a naked female body even if he watch porn or not. And every females will get aroused if she sees a handsome and confident male. The problem with porn is that it makes us attracted to pixel bodies so that it hijacks the brain chemical system and affects us badly. Actually there is connection between looking at a human body and having pleasant sensation but it should be natural and not triggered by an external thing like porn or whatever.
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    Hey guys, you only read 5 parts. Now I writed all parts.
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    You misundesrtood the main idea.

    Seing a naked human body of oposite sex should not bring pleasant sensation. It should bring desire to date, have a relationship with her, ok sex as well (real sex), reproductivly speaking, not orgasm craving.

    But porn addicted people see pleasure, which is related to Orgasm.
    its a line Object - Sensation - Craving

    And porn addicted people dont understand the difference between real naked human body, and a pixelated image. Becouse they dont look outside the box. They see in both cases the same features of human body, the Object. Which eventualy leads to Sensation, and Crave

    If you understand what I mean.
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    That's actually an amazing tip to change your mindset I need to do this!
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    Okay. I understand what you meant. Thank you

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