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  1. Lol I can read more than one book, bro. I'll check out The Truth About Alice and put it on my Goodreads list. Thanks for the suggestion!
  2. @Deadlihood just looked up that book, and it sounds super interesting! I'll definitely give it a read when I get a chance.
  3. klaris

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    Gone with the Wind))) and Scarlett
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  4. Awedouble

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    Hey you guys, why don't we each keep an updated list and link to that post elsewhere .. People who follow you, which would be people who already feel like they're sort of on the same page in interest and outlook are more likely to check that out can get into stuff a little bit more that way. I did this with the reading challenge thread though it could just be one of the posts in your journal, and I linked it to my signature, just wanted to throw the idea out there. It doesn't contradict a thread like this but it would be more permanent and for me it's both for myself to keep track and other people and to hopefully start conversations and connect.
  5. Targaryenn

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    Guys, can tell me please, what do you think about this book:
    Fire and blood by George Martin

    I want to buy this book. Is a good book?
    Have someone read this book?

    Thanks in advance!
  6. AtomicTango

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    I haven't read the book but hopefully I can offer some insight.

    Fire and Blood is the history of the Targaryen rulers of Westeros and seems to be less a story and more a borderline encyclopedic look at that 300 year history. Probably worth a read if you are a big fan of ASOIF, however, if you haven't read it already, I would recommend "A World of Ice and Fire" over Fire and Blood, as it covers not only a history of the Targaryen rulers but also the history of the rest of the world, from Essos to Sothyros and beyond to lands beyond Qarth. Very interesting if you want to know more about the lore.
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  7. Maybe check your library if you have one? That way you don't spend money on something you're not sure if you'll even like. I hardly ever buy books anymore, unless I already read them and know they're one of my new favorites or something.
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  8. Awedouble

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    Just to chime in on this, I love that my libraries have eBooks now - don't even have to go there physically but just download it on my Kindle. (for some titles)

    If you don't already have a reader, I recommend a used eInk model. Easier on the eyes, no issue with blue light from LED screen keeping you up at night and very inexpensive.

    Also in terms of purchase, the electronic version of many more popular titles goes on sale for a few bucks so it's hard to beat that - plus you got only one thing to carry around.
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  9. brilliantidiot

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    anything by cs lewis
    harry potter is an enjoyable read
    some of nero wolfe
    and a million others that aren't coming to mind right now
  10. Yeah, same. Mine has audio too.
  11. Dares Greeneye

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    A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

    Helped me with improving my life situation a lot.
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  12. luxie72

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    Hi. So I’m working in a publishing house in Luxembourg-City as proof reader. That means I earn my money by reading. I used to read very very much in the past until I had my « red pill »-experience: I realized that books didn’t really bring me closer to other people (especially women!!!) but made separated me from most people: for a simple reason: most people DON’T READ and prefer to talk about « ordinary » things. Anyway, I want to recommend the 5 most amazing authors/poets that Europe has seen so far (in my modest opinion): Proust, Cervantes, Shakespeare, Gothe and Dante. Each of these writers deserves a life-long interest.
  13. luxie72

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    Rereading my message, I realized that I wrote « Gothe ». It’s Goethe of course
  14. wheelgauge

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    The last book that I've read was 1984, because the plot really called my attention. Every chapter was better than the other, until I read the last two of them... Sincerely, the ending was a big turn off for me.
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  15. My Mom loves Randy Alcron she gives out his books at our office.
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  16. ? ? ?

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    " The Alchemist " - Paulo Coelho

    " The Power Of Now " - Eckhart Tolle

    " Loose That Man And Let Him Go " - T.D. Jakes

    " Every Mans Battle " - Fred Stoeker & Stephen Arterburn
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  17. Wankeroni

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    Right now I'm in the middle of Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.
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  18. llortaton

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    My Journal
    Think Like a Champ ~ by Donald J. Trump

    Yep, that's right! Donald Trump.
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  19. Slogging through the Divine Comedy or In Search of Lost Time seems like too much work. I've yet to be convinced that it's worth it.
    I have the opposite opinion. The story itself isn't all that great but the dialogue between Smith and O'Brien near the end of the book and what comes after it is fantastic IMO.
  20. wheelgauge

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    I have the opposite opinion. The story itself isn't all that great but the dialogue between Smith and O'Brien near the end of the book and what comes after it is fantastic IMO.[/QUOTE]

    Sure, I get what you're saying! Although I didn't like it that much, I admit that it was pretty thought-provoking...

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