for me M is problem, P is not

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    I am not very keen to see P. But even if i come across a normal picture of men showing something as common as arms. I get a slight urge to do M. And situations when I am alone, I feel very vulnerable to do M. And have a tough time convincing myself with reasons to not do M. M is the real REAL problem for me. It is the challenge i am facing.
    How you guys are dealing with it. Abstaining from M is very important for me. I have several reasons for it. And i don't want to succumb to 2 seconds of pleasure. But at the same time., i feel lonely and bored. and that is very vulnerable position. Its not that i have nothing to do. I have things to study but the thing is I am not accountable to anyone. I don't have any pressure to study. I even tried to join online courses and starting books. But i don't feel like opening them.
    Please suggest how to get out of it. What all things you do . All the tips and tricks.
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    Man if you do not think porn is the problem , the reboot will be farther

    Focalise on the reason of your willpower , set deadlines , set goals.

    Here , there are some summaries of psychological books that can help you >
    > try to see some youtube videos of TedTalks about willpower
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    Both are bad, it is easily argued that P is worse... because of the constant clicks and dopamine surges... masturbation on its own is not as bad as P and M
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  4. M is physically calmed and habitual, but mentally stimulated/ignited.
    P is mentally calmed and habitual, but physically stimulated/ignited.

    It means your body is very drained at it's essence, deep reserves that are not replenished straight away by food. You have all kinds of wiring that cause that magnetism between hands to dick, that immediate almost natural like habit of masturbating the genital. Working out, sleeping and exercising well are 10 times more important for you. I've been there. Once hormonal and semen stores start to replenish in the body, it's P that you will crave.
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    I have the same problem. It is not P, instead it is MO that I seek every few days to experience that release. The actual MO'ing is a means to an end. I would not say that I particularly enjoy the M'ing. I just seek the quick release of Dopamine (the big O). Any info would be appreciated.
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  6. I can't go more than 3 or 4 days without MO. I get overcome with lust, I can't think about anything besides girls and sex, and it physically hurts if I don't do it.

    I used to think this was natural for everyone, but that's not true. Priests (at least the good ones) go their whole adult lives without MO, and most religions require unmarried men to go without MO, so it is clearly possible. I am just wired to need it because that's how I grew up. I've been doing either MO or sex for my entire life since puberty.
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    Same for me p was never a big problem it's mo it's same as @joe59 has said I too look for a dopamine release. I get so anxious that I start looking for porn as if my life depends on it. P is skippable it's on mo that I fail.
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    Have you read the Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking - Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking? It explains a lot of things.
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