For teens who think they were "not deeply addicted" [30 days report]

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    My background

    I am male, started fapping when I was 14 and started porn, a few months before fapping.

    I PMOed once a day and almost everyday, each session lasting for atleast 30 minutes. Only sometimes I did it twice within 12 hours. This habit was actually common among some of my friends/school-mates.
    I am also a track athlete, focusing on endurance races, and I am quite good in academics.

    After one year, I started having some problems
    [I am 15+ now]
    1. migraines
    2. self esteem issues
    3. I hardly talked to any girls
    4. had a very small friend circle in school
    5. Always looked down while walking
    6. Skinny
    7. Frequent joint pain
    8. Very less ejaculate

    I started feeling guilty after each PMO session instead of feeling pleasured.
    And I never thought that PMOing might be the reason.

    One day I stumbled upon NoFap, and similar other sites

    I read through the benefits of nofap and decided to give it a shot.
    The annual sports meet in my school was scheduled to happen just within a month and I decided to participate. So I abstained from PMO for about 26 days (my first streak ) and performed great in my races. Just after that, a girl who knew I had a crush on her, approached me. However I was still socially awkward and it did not go well.
    I still sticked to nofap and did a couple of 5-10 day streaks and finally got re-addicted.

    Conclusion(1), whenever I set a goal [like sports, etc] , my streaks were successful. No goal = PMO.

    Now, my 30 day streak...
    [now I am 16+]

    I first set goals...
    "I want to set a respectable personal best in the 1500m race"
    "I want to socialise with girls and make a few female friends (because I have none)"

    Then, I watched a motivational video (I don't exactly remember the name) that shamed me for setting goals but still relapsing...

    Day 1-9
    I had urges but that video hit me hard and I absolutely refrained from shit.

    Day 9
    First benefit found!
    I got up in the morning and realised my voice had changed.
    My friend said my voice has become deeper. It can't be placebo! I didn't catch cold.

    Day 10-15
    Less urges.
    I shaved of 4 seconds from my 1800m practice run timing that I had set 6 months ago (during my 26 day streak )

    Day 15-23
    Still less urges
    I shaved of 12 seconds from the record I set few days ago! Overall, I reduced my timing by 16 seconds!!! That is actually a big number.

    My athletic performance improved
    I started to practice eye contact with strangers. I became more confident.

    Day 24-30
    Wow, just wow... Hardly and urges...
    And the best part, an old female friend of mine started to talk to me. She did her part, I am doing my part. We meet almost everyday at school. These days, I say Hi or shake hands with girls I know. One amazing recess, I hanged out with three girls! I loved it...

    These were the benefits I experienced, even though I was not deeply addicted.

    Final conclusion...
    It is important to keeping working on your goals as NoFap doesn't give superpowers by itself but it allows you to be your best.
    For those who say NoFap has no benefits, just ignore them, try NoFap, you will feel the benefits.
    For those who say masturbation is natural and healthy, no problem but first get out of porn addiction and then go back to MO, because masturbation during reboot will lead to porn, and I have experienced this many times.
    NO PEEPING, NO DICK TESTING. This is that main reason for most of my resets.

    I am now aiming for No Jerk July, i.e., total 51 days...
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    Well done, doing great!
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    Well done and very useful tips! Keep up the good work!!
  4. NOFAP gives you big amount of energy, I can tell you from my experience in school. Because I had similar situation to you, even worse. I went out from school with a girlfriend.
    It is like, a "fuel" which drives you to your goals.
    Use it as an advantage over guys in your age who fap ;)
    If you want to ask me anything, go text me

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