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    So, I was feeling demotivated at work and googled "what do to do, when all you want to be is unemployed and lazy." And a bunch of articles about beating laziness and getting motivated came up.

    I really liked some of the advice that came up so heres my Top 6 Tips On:-

    What To Do When You're Overwhelmed and Lazy

    #1. "Pour Oil to Remove Friction
    Make it super easy for you to start something. The more steps you have to take, the easier it gets to procrastinate. Eg. Doing 10 jumping jacks first thing in the morning instead of going to the gym."

    Allow yourself to do the baby steps in order to..


    (This one is a personal fav cause even though it sucks building momentum once it's there it kinda helps in carrying one through)

    So start with the simplest form (..and dont judge yourself for starting small (guilty) it's not as if just staying in bed would have been any better than the Eg. 10 jumping jacks anyway)

    Allow yourself to build up to what you want by starting with what you have.. even if it's only Eg 10 jumping jacks (if done consistantly with time you will build up to Eg. A full workout session)

    #3. Prepare for the Battle
    Make it possible for future you to do what she/he needs to do.

    For example if you have an assignment due but your desk is full of papers, your bed isnt even made and you dont even know where your pens at, once you enter that space it isnt likely that you'll start that assignment.

    I mean of cos you're not gonna do it, YOUR SPACE ISNT EVEN CONDUCIVE TO THE TASK YOU NEED TO COMPLETE ISSAH!!!! (..eehhm sorry, I just had a moment there..)

    Soooo bay'ci.kali prepare yourself in advance, so that future you can be able to do what she/he needs to do.


    or just get out of your personal environment entirely and do what you need to do in a completely different place/space.

    * I like this tip. I'm gonna try this one more often.

    #5. Pomodoro Technique
    Force yourself to concentrate on the task for 25 minutes Uninterruptedly
    and then rest a bit (maybe 6 minutes of just staring at a wall... aaaah bliss)
    And do that 4 times and then give yourself like a 20 minute or 30 minute break :D :D :D :D

    And then Repeat.

    *I haven't tried this technique but it seems like a good one.

    #6. Making psychology work forrrrr youuuuu

    * so this I found interesting.. theres 4 Forms of Reinforcement and Punishment

    1. The fear of losing something you love.
    2. The fear of getting something you hate.
    3. The joy of losing something you hate.
    4. The joy of getting something you love.

    So my take away is (A.) I am highly anxious and overwhelmed rn when it comes to my lyfe sooooo. Instead of hyperventilating and then falling asleep. I could think of all that I need and want to do, think of The 4.4rms of RNP and then bite size my way out of my current rut.

    POINT TO REMEMBER:- "Make sure the stakes are high otherwise you wont be motivated enough to act."


    Addition Quotes that came up that got me like.. OhKay Yaaass..

    * your feelings dont define you.
    * quick wins produce massive momentum for behavioural change.
    * things wont change unless you decide to invest in yourself.


    Momentum Defined:
    The energy gained by a moving object.


    TLDR: Get out of a lazy rut by using movement to create momentum, remembering that nothing will happen if nothing happens and starting with :emoji_sparkles: Baby Steps:emoji_sparkles:
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  2. Thanks for sharing this!
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    @Issah, I know this is an old thread, but if this is something you are still working on then another quote I liked is this one:
    (I found it in a SilverCloud module on Getting Motivated.)

    The other technique I have found useful is the five minute rule. If you feel you are being distracted set a timer for five minutes. Then keep doing the task you were engaged in for those five minutes. When the timer rings you are allowed to follow the distaction if you still want to. The magic is that you will not want to anymore.
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    Thank you, love the quote and the advise. I'm so much better than I was but still struggle so I totally appreciate your thoughts.

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