For those of you going through Withdrawal/PAWS

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  1. I just wanna say I love you guys. This is the hardest shit I’ve ever gone through. Started no pmo five years ago. Since I properly researched the PAWS connection and the symptoms that came with it and they match mine too a tee, I’ll never watch porn again.

    Withdrawal symptoms have got worse but I’ll go through hell if I have to too get rid of them.

    All the best to you guys.
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  2. Definitely the hardest thing I've ever gone through, in my life. I'm over a month and have waves of stress and anxiety that crush me, but surprising myself I haven't given in once since starting. My muscles are constantly tense and sore, but hey that's part of it.

    I don't like to use "no pain, no gain" for most things, but it definitely applies here. At least you know when your brain tries to make your life miserable, you're on the right track to freedom.
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    By far the hardest thing I've done. Running marathons is easier to me. 1000 push ups? No problem! Climb Everest? I'd give it a shot. No PMO? My Lord, what a challenge. The struggle is real. God bless all those here, and good luck.
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    I totally agree! It’s actually said that quitting heroin is actually easier than quitting PMO!
  5. That's because it's a chemical induced addiction, versus such a strong behavioural one. Im not down playing that though, by no means is cocaine easy to get away from, but I've heard once they get past the withdrawals like a month or so it gets way easier.
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    What I am going through sounds exactly like benzo withdrawal, except I never took them. 11 months in and I have all the strange symptoms. Every single one can be found in the benzo Forums if you search for it. "Hell on earth" is the best way to put it.

    PMO seems to have a similar effect like antipsychotics.
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    Hardest thing I've been through by a fucking mile.

    There's something great on the other side though.

    "One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time"
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  10. One of the worst withdrawals from this shit is Psychomotor Retardation. Anyone else have it? Again, it says that people in benzo withdrawal get this shit. I’ve had this for a year or two. God fucking knows how long it’s going to take me to recover
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    How long was your addiction to pmo?
  12. It’s tough but we have no choice, it’s all in or you’re out.

    Did ybop say paws is the withdrawal after withdrawals? Guessing the withdrawal after withdrawal must be our brains readjusting?? Maybe that’s why it sucks

    Does pmo give you psychomotor retardation? Because I got the retardation part
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    In certain ways this addiction is harder than benzo/weed withdrawal. For substance addictions, after recovery the only thing needed is not to buy and ingest the drug ever again. Far easier than avoiding porn every again. Porn is fast becoming ubiquitous, if not already. It is literally unavoidable; you'll come across a sex scene in a movie, it'll pop up on your laptop when your not expecting it, you'll end up watching a risque music video. And sometimes your eyes will linger more than you want them to and you'll beat yourself up afterwards bout it. This is what happened to me after I recovered once. Then you'll think I looked at that little bit and didn't get any bad effects. And in that way, the slope back to a relapse is very very slippery. It only gets harder the further away you get from your recovery. The lines are blurred between what is porn and what isn't. Who knows what sets back and what doesn't. But noone is going to pop a benzo pill in your mouth again.

    In this way this addiction is truly fucked up and requires lifelong vigilance with a lot of us being in precarious situations. Post-recovery is a battle in itself so don't ever get complacent. But think of it this way, the longer you suffer, the more ingrained it will be in your mind of the terrible consequences of porn and the more likely you are to stay clear of it.
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    Here is a helpful list of Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS)

  15. No word of a lie I have had all of that apart from panic attacks for at least a few years.
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    How did you add the image
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    A million thanks for posting this, @persevereuntildeath! Very helpful!
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    We love U too manh - more than You could ever know.

    All the Best.

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  19. This is 100% truth. I have been through multiple opioid binges. Have used them intermittently in the past. The last opioid binge lasted around 3 weeks of nonstop high dose oxycodone use. Around 180mg per day. One day after feeling sick from them, having intense nausea and diminished effects, I had enough. I seriously flushed them through the toilet. Oh boy the next day I felt extremely ill. There were the typical opioid withdrawal symptoms, flu like feeling, extreme body discomfort, stomach problems, insomnia, anxiety and depression. After one week I felt better again. I never looked back to opioids, but filled the void with excessive porn use. Thats when the real problems started. I started getting bad brain fog, social anxiety, insomnia and lack of motivation.

    I also been through phenibut withdrawal which lasted just 5 days. Very high anxiety, sweating, unable to think clearly, insomnia and social anxiety. After 5 days of withdrawal, I was back to normal. I never really had cravings for phenibut after that. I started using phenibut because it helped against the porn induced social anxiety, insomnia and depression. Also been through benzo withdrawal. I got addicted to them because I wanted to ease porn withdrawal with them. It worked, but completely backfired. At one point I was using over 20mg of Xanaxx (alprazolam) and quit cold turkey. (I had no other choice) Benzo withdrawal is utter hell. Traumatic. Psychotic hell on earth and the anxiety is beyond everything I ever went through. Chemical torture. With over 50 intense, weird, horrible symptoms. The acute stage lasted around 3 weeks and benzo PAWS lasted about 4 to 5 months. During PAWS there was this intense feeling of NOT FEELING a thing. All I felt was severe agoraphobia, severe social anxiety and hopelessness. Was unable to sleep most of the nights too. After benzo PAWS I felt "normal" again. Although I probably have some permanent damage. My body is vibrating 24/7, have muscle spasms, visual snow and a lot of eye floaters. It also made life more dull. The mental symptoms are gone tho, so I feel close to "normal". I never looked back to benzo's again. No cravings, no desire nothing. Sure, they were handy to use against porn withdrawal anxiety and insomnia, thats about all.

    Now was the time to quit porn again and oh boy, the porn withdrawals started to creep up on me again. Sometimes 7 days after I quit, sometimes 20 days. I have battled porn for 6 years now. Always having long streaks, and everytime the withdrawals would popup again. Been through multiple porn withdrawals now. Always crippling severe withdrawals. Unable to work during that time. Always on disability. I can't do my work in IT. For my old job I need to be calm, focused and motivated. I miss all of that. I was unable to quit this porn addiction, and have, untill this day, always failed. Relapse after relapse. Withdrawal after withdrawal. For 6 years my life is complete SHIT. For me it is the hardest addiction to quit. Quitting opioids was easy compared to this shit. I now have enough motivation to tackle it. If I fail again I am going to try ibogaine. I don't care about the dangers.
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    Hey bro can i ask you something why are you keep using medication to solve something
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